United We Stand, Divided We Fall

John Singletary

By John Singletary  

Yes – Yes – Yes, I know it may sound like a broken record. But this article you must read again and let talk to you.  This is an oldie but goodie: UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY.

We, the citizens of North Charleston, are facing a pivotal crossroad in the future and preservation of our beloved city.  November 5, 2019 we the residents of North Charleston will vote and must decide whether to continue with this present corrupt administration empowered by the “good old boy – buddy system,” or set a new course and elect in a new administration of “good government” that works in the best interest of all its citizens. Each and every citizen in North Charleston deserves fundamental fairness from the government under which he or she lives.

We must concentrate on what we have in common. Our common strengths and goals must be linked to benefits we all hold near and dear to the uplifting of all North Charlestonians. Together our common ground is more significant that our meager differences.  Working together in unity will produce fruitful benefits for every North Charleston citizen and improve the “quality of life” for all.  Love, peace, joy, kindness, and many other intangible assets that are greatly needed to bring about good government. In addition we must have competency and a willingness to enforce impartiality, decency and equity for each and every North Charleston citizen.

No community in North Charleston has a greater obligation to bring about the change of placing the protections for its citizens under the umbrella of humanity than the African American community. This is not fiction, but fact. North Charleston’s African American community comprised 63% of the voting population and 53% of the actual votes in the 2015 Mayoral Election.  It is with the utmost respect and veneration that the North Charleston African American Community be regarded, for we have proven without a doubt we can and will overcome the “Good Old Boy – Buddy System” that is destroying our beloved city – we are champions.

Now, more than ever, the African American community is needed to once again show how resilient it can be.  The African American community must use its fortitude and solidarity to finish the course we have started.   This past 2015 Mayoral Election showed the power and strength of our community.  Blacks out voted all other races combined, yet we still failed to bring home the prize because we allowed our votes to be sifted and did not maintain UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY.  It was shocking to see that over 1,700 voters from the black community would and could blindly cast their vote with this present Trump-supported administration, that has a dismal record on jobs, wages, contracts and resources given within our communities.  We, as a community are better than that.  We hold within our hand, with our vote, the power to change the game for ourselves, our children, our community, and all citizens in North Charleston and vote in “Good Government” which will advance the quality of life for all our citizens of North Charleston.

Candidate John Singletary believes in and has promised “Good Government” in North Charleston when he is elected as Mayor of North Charleston.  A John Singletary administration will give to the citizens of North Charleston greater accountability, transparency, more jobs, better pay, fair contracts awards, new comprehensive community centers, an AAU Mega Sports Complex, a redesigned Police Department, a rebuilt Judicial System, and most importantly a Mayor who is committed to a better quality of life for all citizens in North Charleston.  There is only one choice for North Charleston and  that choice is John Singletary, I humbly solicit your vote on Nov. 5, 2019 for Mayor – The City of North Charleston.

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    Here we go again, all in.

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