Now is the Time to Be Thankful

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

Living among the globally ethnic diverse “colored” nations of “hue-manity” is a blessing in so many norms because it represents a means for conscious souls to experience so many things as a result of being alive in the hear and now. Thanking the Creator Alone of everything for this precious reality is a constant vibration that’s running through my heart, body and soul.

You see, I’m never ashamed to give God Alone the glory for being here because I feel that living in the here and now is not something that a wise man or woman should ever take cheaply. Living in the here and now is a celebratory spiritual voyage of existing in obedience to the will of the Most High Alone.

“Life is what you make it,” is an expression the old Black ladies of Southern wisdom would always whisper to anyone who would listen. And even with the trials of life, persistent as they are, still, the phenomenon of living to them was a realm of always being thankful over and over again.

The gift of life is rare and, many times, it’s fleeting right before our very eyes. So, I try to savor every little moment in the living experience as a way, or means, of giving back in some shape, form or fashion to help others, as best that I may or can.

I was thinking the other day of what I owe to so many untold global “colored” folk from everywhere that I’ve been who’ve helped me in my life. I hesitated, and it seemed that I was stuck in a momentary time warp countdown because the list was endless, and it continued on for innumerable moments in my recall consciousness.

Knowing that I know that I’ve been blessed in so many ways to have travelled to a few places in the world and meet so many different ethnic  “colored” folk has expanded my levels of comprehending how kind some of these folk-in- general have been to me. Being kind and showing that being thankful to God Alone for acknowledging all of anyone’s experiences is not a negative sign of overblown love for the Most High Alone. To love the Creator Alone of everything and everyone is something that I realize that some folk heedlessly take for granted. That’s not me because just being able to see another moment is another universal blessing from God Alone, that I must honor to the utmost.

At this point in time, I’d have to say that most clear headed ethnic folk of all religious and spiritual persuasions would say that they would have to thank their parents, relatives and other important folk in their lives for being there for them along life’s journeys up to this point. I know that I do, and I hope that you do also.

That would make so much sense because you could never thank any of these important cogs in your developments enough for raising and teaching you, hopefully, with the best of morals and spiritual values. They are the ones who you acknowledge as your helpers along life’s growth highways, but I must remind you that you should also remember to thank God Alone for everything that has and will come your way? I do, and upon further reflection, I think that you and I would also want to thank on a “hue-man” plane all of the other folk who’ve helped nature us along the paths of successful living in this life. That’s very important because they all played and, more than likely, still continue to play a role in shaping our core values about life in general, by God Alone’s will.

Life is a special journey of such immense vitality that it seems to last a brief lifetime in some of our minds. If you truly knew the power of being blessed and favored by the Creator Alone to be here in the here and now, you’d celebrate that recognition by repeatedly saying openly, “All praises are due to God Alone, the One (Alone) who deserves all honor and glory.”

I believe that a righteous soul should never be afraid to praise the Most High Alone and absolutely no other. Being thankful to God Alone is a blessing in addressing all of the myriads of testing arenas in our lives that the Most High Alone places at our mental and physical doorways.

Many folk of all ethnic groupings follow the trend that “they wish for others what they wish for themselves,” which is a universal code for respectful living amongst the diverse populations of the world. I trust that you ascribe to this and that you also know that life would be a cakewalk if all “hue-mans” understood and practiced that philosophical mantra without fear.

I follow that same lead too. But I also believe that none of us could have made it this far without “someone” being there for us by the Creator Alone’s planning. Life is a precious reality and living in it is a fragile daily gift from the  Most High Alone.

Living is to be experienced with faith in the Creator Alone with obedience and vigor. This sojourn of living is about remembering the connected progressions of the living episodes that have and do occur in our lives, by God Alone’s permissions. They just didn’t happen because we’re all that and a bag of chips.

Someone in life assisted us by the Most High Alone’s directions. We must rely on our faith in God Alone in troubled times because without the Creator Alone allowing you to be here in the here and now, where would you be? Think intensely about that resonant thought for a stone cold moment because it’s at the root of why I’m writing what I am today. I believe that you should never forget those who sincerely were there to help you make it through life’s peaks and valleys, by the Creator Alone’s will, while dealing with your own ebbs and flows of life.

Life, being what it is, is, at times, a psychological voyage to the unknown zones of uncertain understandings on many occasions, and then back to the unpredictable reality once more everyday of your and my waking existences. Being in the here and now sometimes offers no return to where you thought you should be if you forget that this is God Alone’s show, and He Alone is the best knower of all things, so always give thanks to the Most High Alone for each and every test that awaits you.

That is some powerful stuff if you ask me, and I also know that life is full of other complex happenings and nothing happens just to be happening. “Everything happens for very distinct purposes,” even if you and I aren’t able to comprehend them right away.

That’s a spiritual philosophy that I hold valid to this very day, because I believe everything is known to God Alone, including so many things we tend to callously not put importance into in our daily hectic mental flights from here to there. “Nothing that occurs in life is not known to the Most High Alone.” God Alone is the best knower and planner. The Creator Alone of everyone and everything is “The One” who controls everything, and I do mean everything, in existence. As I close my thoughts for today, I suggest to you, if you’re mindful, to think of helping others, especially in these troubled times of disunity, turmoil, divisions, loneliness and chaos.

It doesn’t matter because It’s all a part of the “hue-man” growth assistance process that relates, essentially, that “each one should teach one” with God Alone’s guidance. Your political inclinations, employment status, gender, nationality or ethnicity aren’t factors in being thankful. So, spread the universal love and peace of the Most High Alone, and witness what you’ll get in return. “Now is the Time to be Thankful.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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