JaDen Sheppard: From Follower to Champion

Youth Boxing Champion JaDen Sheppard

The quest from follower to champion wasn’t easy. JaDen Sheppard is a young lady that was a follower of her peers, misused by, and called out of her name often by her peers to the point that she had no smiles and head hung down at all times.

Then the day came when she put an end to that person. On a hot summer day last August, JaDen, a shy 13-year-old, decided to join the Future Champions Boxing Club. She was determined to change her life and dedicated her time and efforts to boxing. At the time she was 170 lbs., with peers that doubted and tried to discourage her from boxing and doing something positive with her life. Nevertheless, she proceeded with the beginning of her journey.

JaDen began going to the gym every day, working intensely to the point that she had to be asked to go home. She trained hard with no complaints and did whatever that was asked of her to do. She watched and learned what was taught to other boxers while exercising and training. Within three months, JaDen had gotten down to 150 lbs. and was looking spectacular in training and sparring. She was soon ready for competition, where she excelled.

JaDen’s first competition was in Augusta, GA October 21, 2017 during the Georgia State Fair Championships, which she won. Her next major competition saw her earn another title in the 2017 South Carolina State Silver Gloves Championships, held December 9-10 in North Augusta, SC. She was later crowned regional champion at the Southeastern Silver Gloves Regionals in January 2018 in Ft. Washington, Md.

JaDen continued to make her mark by competing in the National Silver Gloves Championships in early February 2018 in Independence, Mo. There she belonged to the first-ever class of female boxers to enter and perform in the Silver Gloves State, Regional, and National tournaments in the United States. JaDen competed in the 13-14 age group at the 145 lbs. weight class and won the championship. She has had other bouts between tournaments, but is still undefeated.

What a journey for this young lady! She’s no longer the fat kid or being called any names besides “champ”. She walks with a big new smile, head held high with no grudge or malice towards anyone, while remaining humble at the same time. Now JaDen’s peers follow her as she has became a great leader.

But the most amazing thing is that she made the turnaround in just five months. The journey isn’t over, however. The undefeated champion has set her sights on the 2020 Olympics with “20/20 Vision”.

Watch out, world! JaDen Sheppard is coming!

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  1. Cathy Drayton on March 26, 2018 at 8:40 am

    Every challenge we successfully conquer serves to strengthen not only our will, but our confidence, and therefore our ability to confront future obstacles. Congratulations JaDen on conquering yours.

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