Black History Month PSAs Set in Charleston Explore Themes of Education, Cultural Traditions and Cuisine

Nickelodeon is celebrating Black History Month with a brand-new series of PSAs set in Charleston, South Carolina, that explore themes of education, culture and cuisine as they relate to African Americans.  Each PSA is narrated by kids and use Charleston’s storied past and rich culture as both a focal point and a backdrop, given how a sited more than 50% of African Americans are able to trace their ancestry to the port of Charleston, which served as a slave-trading center more than a century ago.

In the first spot currently airing across Nickelodeon’s linear platforms—Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons and TeenNick– the subject is the Avery Institute, built in 1865 and one of the first schools to educate African-American students, following a time when they were legally not allowed to attend school.  The second PSA, explores elements of African culture that have been passed down through generations and the importance of keeping traditions alive.  The third vignette in the series focuses on the African roots of soul food.

Black History Month-themed videos:


Cultural Traditions


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