The Gullah Lady Announces “What’s Your Story”?

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, Sharon Cooper-Murray, also known as The Gullah Lady, will begin pouring her 17+ years of Gullah Geechee storytelling experience into a six week workshop series called What’s Your Story? The workshop will connect the traditional art of Gullah Geechee storytelling with modern day entrepreneurialism, public speaking skills and creative writing ideas. Hosted at Lowcountry Local Works, the series will be ongoing falling on every third Thursday of the month until June.

Cooper-Murray is taking a huge leap in propelling the sacred style of Gullah Geechee Storytelling and repackaging it in a way that is fresh and young. Cooper-Murray understands the best way to preserve and sustain a culture is to educate and pass it down and she is doing just that. She hopes to inspire youth to find their own voices, get invested in their culture and begin telling their own stories.

What’s Your Story is a special and unique opportunity to explore the mastery of keeping people engaged, how verbiage and body language marry and how to market oneself and one’s brand through ancestral storytelling. The classes will touch on Gullah Geechee culture and dialect while using the art of telling a story to explore public speaking, branding, marketing and education. Local speakers of varying backgrounds will also share their journeys with participants.

For more information on the Gullah Lady and What’s Your Story? Series follow her on Facebook or click here to sign up for classes.

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