OneUnited Bank’s “Make Black History Now” Plan Sends Economic Message To Black America

Meet Doonie. Doonie symbolizes the innocence and humanity in all of us. The Doonie Visa Card is a powerful statement that Black Money Matters!

OneUnited Bank, the largest Black owned bank in the country, presents Make Black History Now, a plan for 30 million Black Americans to use the internet to organize their $1.2 trillion in annual spending power to build wealth and protect the Black community. This year, OneUnited Bank encourages Black America to #MakeBlackHistory now instead of just celebrating Black history.

The #MakeBlackHistory Plan will create tens of thousands of new Black millionaires, hundreds of thousands of new Black businesses and over one million new jobs in the Black community. OneUnited President & COO, Teri Williams explains, “We are at a unique point in history when the internet allows us to organize our money at a scale and speed never seen before.” She continues, “Hands down, this is the best time to build generational, personal and community wealth by using technology and expanding financial literacy.”

The world over is witnessing a global awakening as people “take a knee” to protest injustice. And America’s Black community is re-focusing its attention on the “Black economic empowerment” messages espoused by historic Black leaders such as Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. In 2018, OneUnited Bank encourages the Black community to invest in technology and provide financial literacy to children and adults alike in order to effectively re-channel its $1.2 trillion in annual spending back into the Black community – to #BankBlack and #BuyBlack – to create long-lasting change and make the dreams of civil rights leaders become reality.

OneUnited Bank invites everyone to join the millions who #BuyBlack and #BankBlack by visiting

For more information on the Make Black History Now Plan, go to

Source via PR Newswire

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