The Charleston Forum Announces Second Annual Event With New Website

Following up on its robust and candid conversation about race last summer, The Charleston Forum announces its second annual event with a new website encouraging individual community members to share their perspectives on ways to improve issues defined by race.

Born in honor of the victims of the 2015 Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting, and part of the official Emanuel 9 commemorative events, The Charleston Forum continues to be an open and honest dialogue on race and the ways in which our community can move forward together. This year, the Forum will be held on Thursday, June 21 at the Charleston Music Hall.

“The Charleston Forum fosters an open and honest discussion addressing important issues from many different perspectives,” said Brian Duffy, The Charleston Forum’s Committee Chair. “There is no agenda other than identifying problems and the best ways to address them. Last year, our panelists and speakers were enlightening and inspiring.  In 2018, we want to dig even deeper to focus on what people can do in the community and what promising policy proposals they can choose to support.”

The website,, provides a platform for thoughtful and well-intentioned people to share ideas and to continue developing solutions throughout the year. It houses an online forum which solicits proposed solutions from viewers in the form of video uploads where they can voice opinions and continue the exchange of constructive ideas.

When it comes to exploring solutions, Bakari Sellers, a guest speaker at last year’s Charleston Forum and current CNN commentator, suggests we contemplate the sentiments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “We have two choices,” said Sellers. “Either we’re going to build community or we’re going to succumb to chaos.”

The Charleston Forum is committed to building community and encourages you to participate.

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