Charleston Entrepreneur Hopes To Share Business Opportunities

Roy Smalls, Jr.

By Barney Blakeney

For Roy Smalls Jr., pursuing opportunities has been a way of life. As a student at West Ashley High School who graduated in 2002, his athleticism created opportunities for him to obtain college degrees – a B.S. Degree in Business Administration and later an MBA. While still in college, he founded a successful vending service. Now a young husband, father and business owner, Smalls hopes to make some business opportunities available to others.

Three years ago Smalls joined the Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company’s Funeral Advantage sales staff. That decision has provided him the opportunity to earn a good living while providing his clients financial opportunities to insure their final expenses are paid and more. Smalls wants to share those opportunities with his neighbors here in the metropolitan Charleston area by making sales opportunities and final expense insurance more available through a cadre of sales agents.

Lincoln Heritage Insurance Company, in its 54-year history, has risen to become the nation’s leading company in final expense insurance and produces some the industry’s highest paid sales agents. That’s because the company’s primary product, funeral Consumer Guardian Society, is a vital and beneficial one and because the company offers equally attractive benefits to its sales staff.

Smalls realized those advantages and a little over two years after being an agent with Lincoln Heritage, he founded the Wexford Circle Group. In his first year as an agent, Smalls was named ‘Rookie of the Year’ with Hawkins Investment Group, a division of Lincoln Heritage. From there, Smalls continued to grow and establish a team, thus forming Wexford Circle Group, LLC. While based primarily in South Carolina, the Wexford Circle Group plans to expand into each of the state’s neighboring regions:  Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey.

Smalls is confident he can build the network for several reasons. His colleague Dari Spurgeon in a recent recruitment and training session noted while virtually everyone eventually will need to pay final expenses, only seven percent of the population invests in it.

Lincoln Heritage has emerged among the most successful companies providing the service because in addition to offering some of the most comprehensive and affordable benefits, it provides exceptional opportunities to its agents.

Serving a targeted clientele with affordable comprehensive benefits packages that include whole-life and final expense insurance, the products virtually sell themselves. And the financial benefits to agents are just as attractive, Spurgeon said. Most notably, the company pays 75 percent of commission on contracts upon submission in addition to residual payments, Spurgeon said. Optimally, Smalls hopes to attract candidates for full-time positions. Candidates must be team oriented and career driven with a commitment to success.

At the January 15 recruitment and training session one part-time agent, a single parent who is a student anticipating college graduation this month said she can’t wait to begin working full-time after hearing a full-time colleague note her sales of over $147,000 last year. No Insurance License? No Problem. The company provides the tools and study tips to help get candidates licensed. But Spurgeon emphasized, “This is not for you if you’re not willing to think long term and work hard.”

Smalls says the venture represents an excellent opportunity for young people. “Looking for an opportunity to be able to impact more people’s lives directly through mentorship, I was introduced to the insurance industry,” he said.

You can contact Smalls at P.O. Box 81, Arcadia, S.C. 29320; telephone Dari Spurgeon at 864 201 5972; or email Smalls at

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