Never Lose Sight

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It seems that I’m always thinking about the majestic awesomeness of the Most High Alone. I make no apologies for that cool stream of thinking because without the gift of life that’s extended to me by God Alone, I wouldn’t be here sharing my thoughts with you now.

I try to “Never Lose Sight” of that pristine reality. It keeps me spiritually grounded as this daily process of living circulates from one second to the next moment in my diurnal worlds of existences. I’m truly blessed.

And so for today, I’m just letting my thoughts flow from within about my vibes about God Alone and other things in general because it’s where my head’s at presently. I’d like to think that if you’re a sane and an aware soul, living in the here and now, you should have no problem whatsoever with my positive sentiments about God Alone, because how can anyone not want to give give thanks and praises to the Creator Alone?

As I think about what I just wrote and, sadly, as I look at the horrendous chaos of worldly disarray going on in this nation and in so many distant lands, I wonder if some formally responsive ethnic folk have “lost sight” of what’s really happening. The madness of fake political trickery and the craziness of ethnic hatreds, en masse, makes me doubt sometimes whether some mindful global folk really know what time it is. I say that because I can’t help but assume that many of these so-called alert ethnic global folk and some of their political leaders have “lost sight” of Who it is that’s exactly in charge of this time machine we call the living process. Do you?

Being a brother of color, and living in a land where, “his-storically” speaking, freedom, justice and equality, were only billboard markings of equalitarianism for some others and were not for folk who looked like or resembled me, and this has always left an empty void in my soul. Bigotry, somehow, never makes the oppressed “lose sight” of even subtle prejudices in any format or representations.

Racism, religious hatreds and ethnic prejudices of any kind are undemocratic cancers that can make anyone “lose sight” of the fact that we were all created by God Alone, and not by man. Just internalizing that and being of color in a strange land we call home, facing bigotry and racism everyday, can and does something to any sane soul’s psyche as everyone, all of a sudden, now seems to rush to be morally and politically correct. It’s somewhat confusing and that’s why I look to divine sources for guidance and inspiration in troubled times and pressing situations. I “Never Lose Sight” that each new day presents a platinum opportunity for me to be who I really am and should be.

Being at peace as a servant of the Most High Alone is and has always been a test of character, no matter where that soul resides. It’s called life and you, me and all other righteous minded souls have to confront and stand above the nearsightedness of biases in this country and strive to treat everyone like the way we ideally desire to be treated.  That’s something that I, and, hopefully, you too, constantly “Never Loses Sight” of as we progress from moment-to-moment by the merciful grace of the Most High Alone. Life is a struggle from the cradle to the grave in so many instances.

Living aimlessly and in doubt with one’s self at times can throw anyone off of his or her game of grasping that the living process is truly a veritable game of inscrutable highs and unfathomable lows. I’m just keeping it real as I rap to “the real you” now, who I hope is not deaf, dumb and blind to the undebatable fact “there’s no Creator Alone of everything and everyone except the Creator Alone.” Some abstract minded “colored” folk may get lost in illusions and may “lose sight” of the undeniable reality that this phase of life that we reside in is a short term leased residency. But my spiritual thoughts take me to a zone where I must love and think of the truths of wise God Alone fearing teachers’ and masters’ wisdom that taught about loving your fellow brothers and sisters of “hue-manity” with mutual respect and dignity.

Living in the world of modernity, with its myriad of twisted political gamesters and religious charlatans, can leave many disenfranchised ethnic citizens, who are not given an equal opportunity to envision and live the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of universal brotherhood and sisterhood for all, lost and disillusioned. Somehow, everyone but those affected by racism seems to understand this, but the unaffected don’t have a clue of what Dr. King’s dream was and is all about. Do you?

The world is constantly going through changes. I guess if you’re reading this now you may have a right to ask, “So, what’s new, because, heck, everybody knows that nothing has really changed for the oppressed folk of color?”  Why? Think about it. Is it only because from “his-storical” political evidence, you find out that a vast majority of this nation’s local, state and national selected and elected officials never do anything of substance that benefits the poor and the working class when they are “selected” to be in office?

Is it because at the today’s good old boys’ country clubs, or in yesteryear’s infamous back rooms, is where deals that control so many in society’s present and futures are (and were) made that rule everything that they “lost sight” of serving the people? “Never Lose Sight” that some folks play games with your votes, minds and lives.

So, as created God Alone fearing and loving souls, it should make us all reason and think that we should “Never Lose Sight” of the fact that we live in a potentially great nation called the United States of America. I do and I love my country, but I don’t love the reality that lingers in the pit of my soul that because of the color of one’s skin or his or religion that you have to signaled as less American or unpatriotic.

Am I, or you, at fault to ask who really controls this nation if it is not the voters? A question like “Why do so many self-professed American patriotic folk and others get upset when the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ is mentioned” (all of a sudden) pops up in my mind. Also, could it be an “I’m not supposed to mention it as another case of hidden racism” questioning  that’s too revealing? “Never Lose Sight” of that thought. That’s right, I just hit you with another “Never Lose Sight” vibe, and you should’ve already understood that time waits on no one. Look all around and see death lurking everywhere and you’re probably wondering silently, “Who’s next and where?”

You know many so-called Americans who don’t understand that only God Alone is the greatest love and force of all and that The Most High Alone is not White, Black, Brown, Yellow or Red? Please don’t brush this off, especially when so many outspoken folk in this nation, by their own words, who do not believe in a supreme force, Who Alone controls everything including life and death. Think about this reality when you hear talk about unity under the one God concept? “Never Lose Sight” of God Alone.

If time is controlled by the Creator Alone of life and death, then why do some of us play with each fragile moment like the next one is guaranteed. Think about that and, again, “Never Lose Sight” of Who (Alone) created you and who you are.

For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”



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