For the Love of Football

Group shot of the Baptist Hill football team after the state title game

The Baptist Hill Bobcats had a very impressive season this year as a contender for the Lower State Championship after winning the Regional 4A Championship.  In spite of their loss to Lamar High School for the Lower State title, the team made history and more importantly gained accolades and support from the entire Hollywood Community.  On November 24, 2017, hundreds of joyous supporters traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to show their support for their heroic team.  The age of the crowd ranged from preschoolers to grandparents. The team performed in front of a record crowd who on every play rallied and demonstrated a swell of support though cheers and verbal encouragement.

Coach Brown and his staff had successfully demonstrated that sports oftentimes serve as a motivating force to keep our young males interested in school. In fact, athletics allow students to disperse aggression, hone leadership abilities and teaches students the importance of being a team player.  They learn that the success of the team is dependent upon the contributing skills of each player. A football team under proper leadership and guidance serves as an incubator for young men to enter the world of work as a contributing player. To say that Coach Brown also serves as a father figure for many of his students is an understatement.  It’s a tough job that continues not only on the football field, but also extends into the student’s home and community environment.  The coach has to be involved in every aspect of each player’s life.

As the Baptist Hill football team enjoys their stardom, the Hollywood community continues to rally their support behind them and look forward to the team making another milestone in the 4A football arena.

Baptist Hill Varsity football coach Marion Brown proudly raises the Lower State Champions trophy for the crowd

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