The Power is Within You

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

There are many unexpected occasions in my life experiences that have occurred that I’ve been drawn to with humility. Such was the case this past weekend when I ran into a casual brother who I hadn’t seen for quite a while.

You see, this missing “hue-man” from my memory was incarcerated for about seven years and was recently released on parole. He stated that he still read my articles every week while he was imprisoned because a relative had cut them out of the “The Charleston Chronicle” and sent them to him on a somewhat regular basis.

He said it was good for him to “run” into me as did because he used to read my vibes because they empowered him before he went to jail. Prison time had changed much about him as I could easily detect, and I don’t mean in just physical appearances.

The brother said that he read my articles intensely and really appreciated what knowledge I was sharing with people everywhere. Upon hearing this I honestly didn’t know what to say except to sincerely utter, “thank you.” I was also humbled by this paroled brother and the fact that he was on a natural high about life . As he spoke, I could see he was different than the guy I loosely knew from the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, years back.

To say that our conversation was electric and stimulating is to say that it was “all of that and a bag of chips,” as the slang credo from the streets attest to when something is going good. In my view our chanced meeting was not a random happenstance and our subsequent discussion has led me to where I feel I need to rap about today.

Politely, I won’t discuss, nor reveal, some of the salient contents of our rather personal discussions because they were indeed just that personal. But I’ll attempt to discuss the overall symbolic meaning of what took place, and I’ll hope you’ll  respect why I’m doing it this way. First, life is an arena where so many things unfold and happen until you (sometimes) never know what’s taking place behind the scenes of our worlds of existences that are going from time-to-time. Living in today’s convoluted worlds of religious hatreds, economic instabilities and racial hopelessness to (some) folk can be hazardous triggers in giving up on life, leading to dangerous troubles unforeseen.

This brother said as much to me about what had happened to him as he described what he lost by being incarcerated. From unemployment to lost love and other personal betrayals big time, this brother felt the stings of bitterness and anger for many years until he ended up in prison, at which time he began to see the dynamics of powerful change that was within him.

Though not a Christian nor Muslim by religious affiliation, he related to me that he began ask to himself many questions about life in general. He said that he decided one rainy day in while prison to stop feeling sorry for himself after reading one of my articles about four years ago, a topic title he had forgotten, but he remembered the essence about how I had written about how the Creator Alone powerfully challenges us all to deal with whatever is on our respected plates. It was a life enhancement process.

From that one point we delved into understanding how powerful “life is truly what it is” is  and how you can make of it what you want it to be—good or bad. He then asked me why I wrote so constantly about themes of God Alone’s power, and why is it so important in keeping it on the table of one’s mental thinking plates.

Well, let me tell you straight up, there’s were times when I couldn’t tell anyone about God because those were not my trend of thought at those times. I was in a prison of mental stupidities and living in a jailhouse of ignorances of my own like so many of the world is today.

Unashamedly, I can openly say that because the worlds that many “hue-mans” live in presently are illusionary arenas of fantasies, commercialism and falsehoods for the most part. So many things that have been taught erroneously about the God concept which are simply not true but some of the blind masses seem to dear not question, nor challenge, the existence of these colonial myths, boldface lies and baseless falsehoods. Think!

In mentioning this to and reminding the brother about why I speak of the Most High Alone is that the formidable truth is that  “There’s no God except God Alone, Who Alone created the heavens, the sun, the the moon and all of the unknown galaxies in the solar system.” I say that it’s the Creator Alone, Who is not a man or a woman, and God  Alone is the sole power to recognize.

Listen, when you look at all of the life forms around you and try to envision even the smallest creations that you can’t see or image, I ask, “Who Alone created these things in the powerful shapes and manners of their existences?” Those influential thought provoking inquiries of myself led  me to discover that God Alone is greater that everyone and everything in creation because He Alone created it all.

After telling the brother this, he said even in the loneliness of his former prison cell, he could see where and what so many of my forceful articles where about and definitely alluding to. He said that even though he wasn’t a Muslim by name, he couldn’t deny the plain truth about God Alone’s uniqueness that was apparently crystal clear in his developing spiritual mind-set. Are you there also?

I further explained to the brother the life that we’re living in presently is the “we can be here one second and gone the next” age. Many of us in “hue-manity” today are lost to that stoic reality and confined ourselves to self-induced jailhouses of ignorances and prisons of unhappiness, even though we’ve never been physically locked up, and that’s because we won’t study, think and reason properly.

The brother mentioned that in so many of my articles I seemed to challenged folk to think about things that were going on in and around them, devoid of systematic miseducation and colonial religious hyperboles. To do this can be a daunting exercise for anyone, but especially so for the deaf, unaware, dumb, misguided and scholastically blind among our citizenry. Hmm. I reminded the brother also that I feel that every created “hue-man” being has been given a special talent of some sort to perform, and that included him also. Many souls dwell in the prisons of their own self-doubts never realizing how unique they are in individual uniqueness.

In reading this, I don’t want you to forget that you’re also a potent being with a God Alone given talent. There’s a power of awesomeness in you just ready to be ignited, so why not unleash that gift from God Alone in you, just like I related to the recently paroled brother.

Remember that you can do anything you put your mind to, if you just release the spiritual power within your heart, mind and soul to enable it. I always utter to myself the commanding words, “Thoughts are synonymous to actions.” They empower me in down times to never, ever give up on myself.

In conclusion, I offer the same words of encouragement to everyone, including the brother who I sensed was going through some pressing times. Hang in there, my brother. You’ve come thus far by God Alone’s help. “The Power is Within You.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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