Local Entrepreneur Steven Scott Making Waves As “The Phone Man”

By Patrice Smith

When asked what his official title is, Steven Scott, aka the phone man said “I’d like to be known as a man of God”.

Scott is the owner and president of The Phone Man, a cell phone retail and service store on Dorchester Road, a vision he says God gave him.

“We provide cell phones services for as low as $19.99 and we also repair phones and sell and lease devices.”

Scott says there are folks who want a $1200 phone but don’t have the best credit and can’t afford it, so he tries to make is easy for his customers to get something nice.

“We welcome each customer and call them by name. If they have a financial issue we will work with them to get the phone that fills their needs. We have leasing programs that will allow customers to get what they want.” Scott says.

Scott maintains that his cell phone prices are lower than major carriers.

“For example at T-Mobile the iPhone 6 plus will cost around $550 before taxes. Here at The Phone Man we sell that same phone for $400.”

Scott has been in the cell phone business for ten years and is also a residential and commercial contractor for the past 32 years.

“I wanted to do something for passive income that wasn’t so physically grueling. I didn’t want to be crawling around in a hot attic installing an AC unit at 65. I saw some of my mentors who didn’t prepare and their lifestyles changed drastically once they stopped working. I didn’t want to continue to work with my body as much so God gave me a vision to do something that was a necessity for society”.

Scott began selling phones out of a convenience store because he couldn’t afford the overhead of having his own location. Then he met a man who asked him to manage a Boost Mobile store that Scott says was in the red when he got there.

“I was able to turn that store into the number one selling store in the nation. I was selling $8500 in phones a week. I put my all into it. God gives me the ability to help people.” Scott says.

Scott believes he was put on this earth to help the community. He remembers the time when he was homeless and unable to provide for his children.

“Whenever you’re down you tend to look up to the Lord. I promised God that once he put me where he wanted me that I would help people and tell them what God has done.”

The Phone Man opened 4 years ago at 6585 Dorchester Road in Suite 105.

“Not only do we sell and lease phones, we also have a nice selection of genuine Michael Kors purses that we sell for 60% off. I actually sell more purses than phones.” Scott says.

The Phone Man’s regular operating hours are 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. On the weekends, Scott can be found at the Ladson Flea market where he has cell phones and phone accessories.

Check out The Phone Man online at www.THEPHONEMAN.me. Call (843) 304-0000 for more information.

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