The January Realities

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

It’s now just past the middle of the first month of the current new year and I’m thinking deeply about many issues that are popping up in my head. Those intimate thoughts are about the awe-inspiring “realities” of just being alive in the living process that are throbbing in my head.

To some aimlessly ethereal thinking “colored” folk of the universe that may be a bit too far fetched for some of their modal comprehensions, but that’s cool because their objections, in any format, are what life really is all about.

Some like this and some others don’t like that, and in my own cited instances there are inquiring examples from my mind-set that illuminates the various reflective patterns and living arenas in which most “hue-mans,” including me and you, agree and differ with each other on from day-to-day.

The “realities” of January, and any other month of the year’s “realities” for that matter, are awesome  voyages through the peculiarities of the living process as we know it. That’s a statement that very few sane “hue-mans” would deny and shouldn’t disagree with me about because the fact is that the living experience is a cycle of constant tests and ever-unfolding trials.

I’m thinking of those “realities” now, and since we’re into the very beginning of the new year, I, hopefully, know that you’ll agree that it’s still a wonderful time to be living in the moment, even with the persistent struggles of the here and now that are on our respective mental horizons daily. So, I thank God Alone for selecting me, you and others to savor one more precious opportunity to witness these trying good or bad  expositions called “The January Realities.”

As you proceed in reading the rest of my thoughts for today, please know that we are all challenged each and every moment of every day in this phase of earthly existence to engage in the learning activities called education and maintaining in our constant periods of testing. Understanding and knowing this is a very important part in knowing what the distinctly unique living arena is all about. It’s no joke.

The collective and varying experiences in our individualistic worlds of existences in every calendar month, including this January, seem to occur for different marked reasons, many of which can hobble some of our temporal mind-sets with befuddlement from time-to-time with unusual inquisitiveness.

In many norms, that’s why the living process is such a manifestly and engaging instructor until I’m amazed by how much we do and can learn from the repeated happenings in our lives. Are you listening?

I deeply believe that everything happens for unmistakable reasons and, again, they sometimes appear in too many cases to recall and remember succinctly. That’s why to experience the living process with spiritual vibrations and peaceful codes of interpretations is to truly comprehend “The January Realities,” in a not-so-remote sense of  understanding, especially in this present month.

Life is about valuing  the importance of possessing patience, giving thanks and extending prayer(s) to the Most High Alone. I trust that you got the gist of that sentence because it’s a powerful “realistic” covenant with truth, honesty and spirituality.

Hoping that that’s not too strange for your mind and heart to comprehend today I want you to know that the living process thus far should have taught you, me and everyone many things about universal brotherhood and peace and how it all starts initially within one’s self. There’s no other logistical way that I can say that.

While you’re processing that last sentiment, I’d like to ask you, “What has your life experiences (thus far) substantially taught you about all of your reflective episodes?” It’s a personal question, but understanding that “The January Realities” is about now getting you to seriously think about respecting the smallest discernible “reality” in life that’s extended to you, that you call a God Alive given second in time, because the living process is not a loose lot of disconnected trivial occurrences.

The magnificent living experience is a fantastic voyage of unexpected twists and unpredictable turns for every known spiritually aware “hue-man” creations. I believe that and, maybe, that’s why I think that to most transcendental souls, spiritual life today is a cosmic mystery of sort to some of them and others.

Whatever your intellectual spin on my aforementioned spiritual vibes and mundane opinions are or aren’t, I’d still like you to remember, again, that the living process, even in January, is undoubtedly a continuing cycle of emotional ups and downs for many of us in “hue-manity.” Life is nothing to take for granted.

The ultimate “reality,” “As I See It,” isn’t and shouldn’t be about being unhappy, miserable and uptight all the time, because those negatives take a demanding toll on anyone’s inner peaceful core, and it can affect any normal soul’s nature. Such dismal consequences leads, in many instances, to the total destruction of (any) one’s spiritually positive vibrations of self, especially at all times when one is being tested by his or her ongoing trials of life.

An unfaithful life of living in dreadful negativities and miserable unhappiness, can be a chaotic war of mental despair within one’s self for anyone who isn’t striving for peaceful tranquility, greater knowledge and spiritual comprehension in understanding God Alone’s plans for “hue-mankind.”

Believe me, it takes faithful work and not whimsical loose talk alone in being happily secure during life’s perpetual testing battlefields. It takes faith and patience to overcome the hurdles of life.

Would you classify yourself as a happy, faithful being, or are you still trying to find out who you spiritually are? Answer carefully because  deciphering the importance of what  “The January Realities” is all about is a vital key in unlocking the positive thinking treasure chest that potentially lurks in some of our minds, hearts, thoughts and souls.

I may not personally know you, but I’d like to think that you are a faithfully gratifying patient soul, even with the diurnal trials and tribulations that come your way. If you are, you are probably happy because, in your own inner mental spiritual treasure chest, there’s the faithful capacity to be courteous, friendly, helpful, cheerful, kind and just plain good natured as you make your daily “reality” sojourns from here to there and back during the trials of life.

This world’s present stage show in this phase of living is so very brief, and if you stay tuned to the daily local, national and international news reports, you’ll see that in many sectors of the world there are mixed up ethnic bags of diversified, miserable, lonely and unfaithful troubled“colored” folk. With this in mind, I hope that you, like me, “realize” that life, in this phase of living, is nothing to take for granted, and we all should keep that on the front burners of our thoughts and actions sensing  that death waits for no one.

Sometimes, the living experience, as it always will and does, always challenges even the humblest good natured souls of life to be in tune with all of “The January Realities” in every month of the year. And with all of this being said, “The January Realities” is really all about not taking anything for granted and to forever celebrate the praises of the Creator Alone of everyone and everything in and under all circumstances. Think about what I just offered.

The divinely created living process is truly an aware sensory tool for the mature, spiritual soul who completely comprehends that “what goes around comes around.” So, thinking faithfully through all of life’s trials, ordeals, tests and tribulations, be they so-called good or bad, will anchor any patient, faithful “January Realist” to a God Alone foundation that will never, ever fail a true believer in the Most High Alone.

That spiritual foundational disposition is firmly rooted in having absolute faith and trust in your, my and everyone else’s Creator Alone, Who (Alone) is God and is in control of everything. If you know that in interpreting “The January Realities” spiritual article correctly today, you’ll scope that “everything happens for a given reason,” then you should “realize” that you must relinquish unnecessary worries and contrary doubts that you (may) presently face, or are about to encounter, with steadfast faith in the Most High Alone. God Alone is greater than everything and everyone.

Always remember that “the realities” of the  ordeals and hardships of the living process that you’re dealing with this January shall soon pass. Remember that February is right around the corner, so hang in there.  Always keep your faith in the Most High Alone alive with vigor and tenacity. For today, and forever, that’s, “As I See It.”

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