A Snowy Wonder

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   

The seasons of the year are simply spectacular to experience and behold and I’m a self-committed lover of them all. They are wondrous signs of the Creator Alone’s majestic powers.

No matter the season or type of weather, I’ve become a humble, appreciative admirer of Mother Nature. That’s the only way, in complete honesty, that I can tell you how I feel about being alive in any moment of my existence in time and space because these signs of life let me know that God Alone, the Creator Alone, is greater than everyone and everything in creation.

And I also personally submit that I don’t believe that any reasonably sane created soul in creation would deny or object to me saying that. Uttering that statement of pristine truth brings me to where my head and thoughts are at this present venue in my mind’s eye.

 You see, I live in a truly breathtaking part of America called South Carolina and, to be more specific, I live in the haughty beautiful section of the state referred to in colloquial slang as  “The Lowcountry.” It’s a unique part of the American South that’s centered around the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, and its nearby environs.

Last Wednesday, during the very first week of the New Year 2018, something naturally marvelous happened to “The Lowcountry,” in that it was transformed into a magical winter wonderland with the arrival of snow, and I do mean snow, last Wednesday. It was a stunning sight to witness.

It started falling about midday on January 3, and it never seemed to stop until very, very late that evening, covering “The Lowcountry” with a blanket of Mother Nature’s white serenity from the clouds on high. Again, to say that this sight was something to behold, well, was, and is, a slight understatement because it very rarely, if ever, snows in this sector of the bald eagle’s domain.

It was reported by the weather geeks that many parts of coastal South Carolina, including “The Lowcountry,” saw one of the five top snowfalls since records have been kept. The National Weather Service is reported to have said that more than 3 inches of snow fell in the area, the fifth heaviest snowfall to have fallen here since 1938.   

This memorable occurrence was an unquestioned “snowy wonder” from God Alone. It made me think of all of the other climactic seasonal changes that occur in life also and, because of this knowledge and the experience of savoring another moment in any of the seasons, I feel blessed and highly favored. Do you feel where I’m going?

I trust that you’ll bear with me today as I rap in this column because any time I’m able to experience another season of the year at my age, I’m truly, truly humbled to say that the Creator (Alone) is greater than everyone and everything. I’ve said that utterance before in an aforementioned paragraph, and even though the seasons may change with various graphic differences, I’ll continually stick to my guns in saying that I’m forever blessed to see and experience another seasonal phenomenon just one more time.

Like the dawning of a new day, last week’s monumental snowy day signaled to me that God Alone is charge of running this reality called the living process. I realize that there are some folk who may arbitrarily take any moment in existence lightly just as there were some souls who complained about being inconvenienced by last week’s unexpected snow’s arrival. I paused, thought for an instance that I, too, probably may have been a complainer of sort at times in my life, but that’s not where my head and heart are at now. Some of us take many things for granted and that may unknowingly include dissing the signs of and from God Alone in whatever shapes, manners or forms that that arrive on our peripheral visions.

Again, I may have been there also in my earlier life’s mental development, but, realistically, I look at everything now as being meaningful signs from the Most High Alone because everything happens for a distinct reason in the living process, and that includes “A Snowy Wonder” in “The Lowcountry.” If you’re of that same thinking vein, then you can rightfully say “Amen” without shame or avoidance.

The world as most of us know and understand it to be presently is comprised of so many diversities, nationalities, beliefs and ethnicities, etc., until even the most astute in any of these groupings can’t figure out how to make peace among each other as a stated predicament. I wonder why some created folk in “hue-manity” are so unpleasant, frigid, hateful, bitter and odious towards other created beings.

That’s a rather “cold,” frank analysis on my part about some aspects of today’s “hue-manistic” society as I think of the impact of the “cold” that comes with and is signaled by “A Snowy Wonder” occurring any place in the world. Think about that obtrusive sentiment for a while before reading any further to see if there’s a possible link between Mother Nature and “hue-man” emotions. Are you thinking?

Now that you’ve hopefully thought about what I asked you to do, I ask, “Can our emotions sometimes be as ‘cold’ towards each other as the snow is to the environmental landscape?” Remember, everything happens for different reasons in our individual and collective seasonal lives just as there are different weather seasons to every year challenging us to deal with both of these subliminal irregular phenomena. That’s where my cerebral and spiritual thoughts are now as I see the emotional (seasonal) changes going on in some of the world’s inhabitants’ daily lives. Life is about experiencing changes in so many ways that I refuse to and am unable to count.

At least, that’s how it is in my life’s assessments and varied experiences thus far. Sometimes, some things are bitter sweet to handle like the frigid  starkness of cold snowy emotional, lonely nights in any part of America or in any other icy sectors of the universe.

“Life is what it is” as someone very, very close to me once said. I still vibe on that motto or phrase today in the winters, summers, falls and springs of my life’s forecasts and understandings while living in the here and now. So, I have to thank the Most High Alone for creating the seasons of nature because they say so much more than just being about weather changes to a spiritually aware soul and a reflective being.

I’m in that believing space and reflecting zone, and I truly know that God Alone sent the snowfall to “The Lowcountry” last week for precisely distinct and definitively explicit reasons. It was sent as an eye opener for some of us to chill out from some of the nagging negativities and lingering inactivities in our lives and minds, even if but for a few days, and it was truly wonderful to experience.

It has made me reflect about the seasons of my own life. That’s how I now try, with all my heart and soul, to look at life’s occurrences, including an unexpected pause for observing an event like last week’s snowy occurrence in “The Lowcountry.” God Alone knew and knows what He (Alone) is doing, and we should never misunderstand that.

So, to those who felt inconvenienced by the snowy deluge in “The Lowcountry” last week, please know that when God Alone plans or dictates a thing, He Alone is the very best and ultimate knower of all things. Always keep that in mind when you may carelessly complain about this or that in life. If you step back for just a few stone, cold moments in life, you may see that there’s a beauty in life’s occurrences that’s beyond our imaginations why the Creator Alone does what He does, and that goes for looking at and experiencing the blistering heat of a sweltering summer’s day to “A Snowy Wonder” of a January winter’s day.

With the warm regards from a brother wishing you and others the blessings of being aware that the most paramount inner spiritual tranquility is in celebrating the year-round seasonal reasons to give thanks for being alive in any type of weather. Comprehending this during any seasonal part of the year is the naturally spiritual way to be at peace with one’s self and others.

Thank the Creator Alone for extending and allowing you, me and others to experience one more miraculous moment in time, no matter the season. Life is precious. Enjoy it while you can. I extend peaceful salutations and greetings to you and others with love and respect  for all. For today and always, that’s,”As I See It.”


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