Everyone’s “Hue-man”

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It would be rather cliché for me to say that racial antagonism is very much alive and serving out a rekindled life sentence in the hearts, minds and souls of more than a few callous folk in America, even though everyone knows it’s still silently extant. As you read on, I trust that you’ll recognize that our country, as great as the hype politicians want it idealistically to be, is suffering from a bias disease of reborn modern Jim Crowism that’s growing up and reappearing in many converging sectors of this vast land.

This has caused me to want to say something to one and all about racism and how revolting its stinking odor abhorrently really is. This obnoxious virus of intolerant ignorance fouls up the peaceful air of ever-decent minded and God Alone fearing created beings’ normal unbiased mind-sets. Racism sucks!

I, along with many others, feel so strongly about the bedevilments  of racism, casteism and bigotry in this nation until we’ve announced to the nation-at-large that “Everyone’s Hue-man,” and that’s by the Creator Alone’s supremely glorious design. That’s a pivotal point to start off with considering what I have to relate to you today. Here we go.

Maybe, some close minded racists and casual supremacists don’t realize that nothing comes into existence except by the Creator Alone’s permission. That pure reality, broken down to its smallest intelligible semblance of understanding, is about the nature of existence, and no one, but the Supreme Force (Alone) of creation, Who we respectfully and poignantly call God (Alone), is capable of doing that.

All created forms of created beings and things, in whatever shape, pigmentation, form, size, structure or color they possess, are only brought into existence except by the power and might of the Creator (Alone). That is an undeniable fact because no one can create what the Creator Alone designs and originates. Do you agree?

Knowing that everything in creation  are created marvels, including the different species of animals and vegetation that covers the earth, astonishes me. Also, and most importantly, that includes all of the various ethnicities of the universe.

All that I have just said is incomparable knowledge to which there can be no denial, except to an uninformed and disenchanted soul. This soul is truly deaf, dumb and blind to the binding reality that everyone and everything depends on the Most High Alone for their and its sustainable existence and for future knowledge of things unseen and unfathomable. Think.

So, with all that being said, it is completely inconceivable, in my realm of thinking, how anyone with a sane mind could deny that he, she, or they, could say that the state of their existence didn’t come about except by the degree(s) of the Most High Alone. We, as ethnic folk of the global universe called earth, are and were created by Creator Alone of everything and everyone.

Reflect on that. And as a result of this magnificent gift of life given to us by the Creator Alone, we are blessed to be who we are as created “hue-mans” beings. Hopefully, with mutual ovation for our own respectful ethnic cultures, and with shared respect for others in “hue-manity’s” various cultures, etc., we can be at peace realizing that time waits for no created being. So, I ask, why waste precious moments involved in hatreds based upon, e.g., what languages we speak, where we reside or what our religious leanings, or lack thereof, may be?

To me, common sense wisdom tells me that “Everyone’s ‘Hue-man’ ” and I  can’t make that point any clearer, or stronger, than it already is. The Creator Alone didn’t make a mistake or committed some act of a grievous error by creating you, me and others in the world by somehow not knowing what He (Alone) was doing by any adorning our bodies with our beautiful skin tones.

No, to the contrary, you are a testament to God Alone’s sheer adroitness of skillfully creating who and what He Alone desires. There’s no confusion about your creation, nor was there any aberration in the way others were created. We’re all masterpieces.

“As I See It,” the world’s current (and past) “his-storical” fanatics, bigots, racists, etc., all play(ed) on the skin chroma game to throw folk us and others off of the real issues of the myriad of prejudices and inferiorities lurking within themselves and their followers’ daft ethnically supremacist ideologies. This is done by having weak, gullible and unknowingly folk fall for their divisive games of conquer and divide.

With all the present and past unsolved domestic problems that are, and have been on going on, in America, we need to look at the real bottom line issues that keeps our country divided and from being really great. “All lives matter” in today’s America, but if you’re of color, you never knew a time in American “His-story” when you, or your ancestors, ever felt that this country and its laws were really “great” for you.   

Maybe, for some other so-called non-minority ethnicities and religions, it may have been that way, but for the afflicted Red, Black, Brown and Yellow labeled ethnic American groupings, “they know that freedom for them is a longstanding standing question mark.  That question is about when will freedom and justice ever come for them?

Hey, I’m just trying to keep it real as a columnist speaking from my platform because many folks utter things to me that say that America is still a bunker of secret racist power cults and politically hypocritical organizations. I need not say anymore about that because the proof is in the pudding about those entities as my grandmother used to say.

Like I said before, racism stinks, but I still feel in my heart of hearts that “The (real) America People” can be as great as many in and among the scattered masses potentially claims that it is or soon will be. I earnestly want to believe that my country’s stated policies of equal justice and opportunities for all,  regardless of race, creed or color, is for real because in my soul I believe deeply that “Everyone’s ‘Hue-man.’ ”

To that end, I’ll always greet my fellow “hue-man” with respect and dignity. That’s the least, and the best way, I know to show myself and others that bigotry doesn’t live in my personal neighborhood sphere of existence.

I personally testify that God Alone is the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. So I also know that when He Alone fashioned the world’s ethnic “colored” folk into the shades of “hue-manity,” He definitely knew what He was doing. If you comprehend that, then please for God’s sake, love the skin that you were birthed in, because in case you didn’t know it, “You’re beautiful and you’re handsome” by God Alone’s creative handiwork. Beauty is skin deep.

God never makes a mistake. There’s a courtly beauty in our nation’s unique diversity. No matter who you aware, don’t give into narrow-minded divisive “tricknology” and the like. It’s time to now stand up, tout and defend the fact that in the real and ever-changing

America of today, and for the future, “Everyone’s ‘Hue-man.’ ” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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