Pendarvis Pre-Files Bills to Improve Public Education, Expand Opportunity for Students

Marvin Pendarvis

Representative-Elect Marvin Pendarvis (D-North Charleston) has pre-filed multiple bills aimed at promoting educational opportunity for South Carolinians.

Pendarvis pre-filed H. 4439, the “South Carolina Promise Scholarship Act,” which would establish a scholarship program for South Carolina students seeking an associate’s degree, certificate, or diploma from state postsecondary institutions. This bill would cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees, less all other financial aid, and establish a mentorship program for Promise Scholars. Pendarvis’s House bill mirrors legislation filed in the state senate earlier this year.

H. 4449, the “Rural Schools Act,” would establish safeguards against closing rural schools in the Charleston County School District. The legislation requires the school district to show that such a school closing would be in the best interests of students and require public hearings to gather input from the affected community.

Similarly, H. 4510 would reform the Summerville School Board, providing for members to be elected from single-member districts. This would ensure that rural communities are represented in decisions that affect their local schools.

Pendarvis signed on as a co-sponsor to two additional bills. Partnering with Rep. Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston) on H. 4388, the “Advanced Manufacturing Instruction Act of 2018,” this legislation would provide students with elective courses in advanced manufacturing. STEM education in public schools is an integral way for students to gain skills necessary in the modern workforce.

Working with Rep. John King (D-Rock Hill), H. 4390 calls for additional federal funding for public education in South Carolina.

“I grew up in the Charleston Farms neighborhood, graduated from Garrett High School, and went on to the University of South Carolina. As a product of South Carolina’s public schools, I know the importance of a quality education,” Pendarvis said.

“All students deserve quality education. All students deserve the opportunity to gain the skills needed to compete in the 21st century economy,” Pendarvis continued. “I’m sponsoring these bills so that South Carolinians – regardless of their ZIP code or economic background – have a fair shot at success.”

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