Suggestions to a Troubled Brother

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

I was motivated to write this article based upon an experience I had with a brother of color who was simply lost in his own irritating moment(s) of despair. I guess we’re all like that  from time-to-time, so this story must told.

Well, you see, this brother, and I use that term with the utmost respect for this soul, has had some pretty trying moments and difficult times recently in his life which have weighed heavily on his mental plate. He simply has been inundated with his trials of the present and some remaining ones from his past that have been bothering him in his worlds of existences with no let up in sight according to him.

Some of the issues that he discussed with me were very personal, so I trust that you respect why I won’t openly air them. But I still believe after reading my piece today, hopefully, you’ll still get the gist of what I said and related to him. The brother definitely was in a depressed state of thinking when we talked as he began to tell me what his dilemmas were and how he felt on an ongoing depressed basis. Life’s trials, tests and ordeals, as I’ve constantly alluded to in all my past articles, are not mere incidental happenings in our lives.

The agonies of life’s tribulations are as real as real can get, but we mustn’t forget why they are there and Who placed them there in the first place. I started my rap to the brother as a mnemonic of reference, reminding him Who (Alone) is in charge of every happening in creation, including his.

I’m talking about the Creator Alone, Who is putting everything before us in our sorted lifestyles to test us in far too many ways to fathom sometimes. That is where we, as “hue-mans,” can and do sometimes get caught up in the worry syndrome and the resultant depressed bag that seems to follow a spiritually bereft soul’s dismal outlook on what really is happening in his or her daily pathways with unhappiness. The brother in question, with all due respect, fit that description as he initially spoke to me. That also probably describes many of us in “hue-manity,” including you if you’re astutely honest.

Now, I’d like you to read very closely. This is a deep spiritual matter for grown folk rap today, so if you’re a flippant, immature and callous thinker, this article may not be suitable for you, especially if you aren’t spiritually grounded and aren’t serious minded to begin with.

The tribunals of life are many and, sometimes, things don’t go the ways we necessarily want them to go or wish them to be. I’ve come to know that no matter what your so-called religion, or lack thereof maybe, you’re going to be put through life’s grinding mechanisms whether you desire it or now it not. I gently related that much to the brother, forever reminding him that God Alone, the Most High Alone, knew what He was doing when He (Alone) created him. And to that end he never said that he or any other creature created by Him Alone was not going to experience some sort of trial, inconvenience, tribulation, ordeal, irritant or dilemma in his or her life’s arenas. That’s Life 101.

Everyone in “ hue-manity” needs to take serious stock of these “definitive occurrences” before we go overboard swimming in the rivers of fear and the seas of uncertainties. Notice that I said  “definitive occurrences” because all of our trials in life are definitely directed to all of us by God Alone to make us better spiritual beings. Life is like that.

Sometimes, if you patiently step back and look at what’s going in your life, maybe, again, you’ll see that’s there’s an explicitly hidden message behind being patient and letting God Alone guide you through the difficult moments and troubled waters of your life. Remember, a real sincere spiritual believer knows that the Creator Alone did not make him or her weak and unable to handle the perplexing complexities of this phase of the living process, trials of life included.

No, no way! That’s not how I believe the Most High has masterfully created life. He Alone knows what’s happening in all of our worlds of existences and He, Alone, has ultimate reasons why He’s testing us the way that we’re being challenged in our worlds of existences.

Listen carefully. No matter whether it’s, e.g., one’s lagging finances, a broken heart, folk talking about you behind your back, unemployment, to betrayals from individuals you thought were trusted and true and to other earthly disappointments, etc., they are all tests that may fall upon a spiritual believer’s doorstep from time-to-time. The supreme secret is knowing that God knows what’s going on in your life, and that is an unquestionable authority of God Alone to challenge us, so it’s no time to be weak when you (should) know that the Most High (Alone) has your back covered in all affairs of the moment and in and under all future circumstances.

I told the brother that in no uncertain terms, and I told him that I once was like where he was. Keeping it real, I told the brother that he mustn’t let the devil of negativity steal his rights to being at peace within himself before God Alone, even when times are difficult.

The brother became emotional after I said what I just said, and I continued by relating to him that sometimes you have to let go and let God Alone handle your heavy loads. I said emphatically to him that’s what I do because I no longer try to figure out the aimless circumstances in my life or try to decipher some of the conflicting folks’ motives in my worlds of existences, other than to say that they are “all” tests placed by God Alone on me to make me strong in the long scheme of things. Do you hear me?

I humbly have to tell you, as I told the brother, that “we’re all works in progress” and, as such, we’re all liable to err because we’re only “hue-man.” I suggested to the brother that maybe he needed to lighten the burdens that were in his head, heart, mind and soul, because I didn’t (and don’t) believe that the Creator Alone desired for this moment in his growth development, and for the rest of his remaining days, to be filled with such negative, dreadful, unproductive thinking patterns that keeps him from being the best soul he could and should be. Think about that.

It takes valor to be courageous in letting God handle the things that maybe taxing to us which can overwhelm us at times, if we let them, in the present living experience. This includes letting the Most High Alone handle all of the unexpected things, heartaches and contrary souls who (may) come into our respective pathways by God Alone’s permission. We all will be tested.

Believe me, I been there a time or two, and I believe you can also testify to that acknowledgement without bias. “Life is what it is,” and saying “that’s life” mustn’t be used as a cosmetic cliché when one is required to get busy and put his or her real faith in the Creator Alone to work. There’s a difference between action and procrastination. Do you get it?

That’s what I said to the brother as I saw a swing of positive vibes ascending  his facial expressions and in his tone of thinking. He said that what I was saying to him he needed to hear, and he thanked me for being upfront and telling him that God Alone loved him and didn’t put anymore on him, me, you or others that we can’t handle or bear. I told him to thank God Alone, not me.

Always remember in troubled times, to always, always give God Alone the glory. He will handle and take care of all your battles, cares and woes in His (Alone) own sweet time.  So, be patient and learn to perfect the ability to smile often, even in troubled arenas. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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  1. Osei Terry Chandler on December 18, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Good column.
    Much thanks to imam Hakim Abdul-Ali.

    Osei Chandler

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