Winter’s Songfest

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

It’s now December, and it’s becoming like the dawning of a new “Winter’s Songfest” to me. I’m a nature lover at heart, so I trust that you’ll flow with me in this week’s article because it’s about being at peace as nature planned it.

Yes, it’s the scenic time of the year in many parts of this potentially great nation to be where assorted ethnic families are looking towards the coming New Year with anticipation and joy. I sincerely trust that you, your family, loved ones, friends and casual acquaintances are among those looking forward with positivism in facing the New Year.

Winter is a seasonal song of nature that’s definitely here, and there’s really so much to behold and delight about it for all of our senses to behold. From Maine to New Mexico the songfest of winter is singing loud and clear to the landscape because nature is a humbling experience to grasp and witness.

This time of the year signals that it’s a melancholy  time in many ways, and it’s a special occasion where a true believer in the unquestioned powers of the Most High Alone can and should allow him or her to testify to the God (Alone) competence of creation and design. I certainly can and do. Do you?

I hope so because God Alone is so astonishingly great that there’s no comparison to Him (Alone) and what He (Alone) has created. Anyone with an iota of conscious gratefulness can openly testify to how imposing the Creator Alone is just by experiencing this wonderful time of the year.

I don’t want you to get confused with what I’m about to say because, truly, the All-Mighty God Alone has fashioned this season, and all of its spectacular varying backdrop winter seasonal backdrops across America, with a dazzling assortment of unbelievable foundations. This winter seasonal masterpiece, from Washington state to the Florida Keys has fascinated me since I was a child just by learning that God Alone could and has created this time of the year, and I constantly give praise Alone to the Creator Alone for same.

Yes, I must  say this while giving all glory and honor to the Most High Alone because God Alone is the Creator Alone of everything. Autumn has marked the transition from summer to winter in September in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter symbolizes a songfest that signals that it’s the coldest of the four temperate times of the year.

The leaves of autumn are slowly fading away into a distant memory, but winter is what what it is—cold in so many pockets of the bald eagle’s landscape until many have associated the winter era season with snow, ice and colder weather. God Alone is so great.

When “Winter’s Songfest” arrives, it’s truly a song of nature that’s worth singing about. In many different parts of the United States of America, the weather varies but come December, the country’s overall mood(s) seem to change to a hospitable atmosphere where alleged goodwill towards and love for all mankind is supposed to be tantamount to fake postures of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Maybe, that’s why I love the naturalness of winter, especially being a brother of color in America, the land of my birth. In my soul and in my ever-present mindset, I see the spiritual humbling of this country before the Creator Alone as it slowly fades from ethnic divisions into, hopefully, an arena where the cries of “freedom, justice and equality for all” is something that will take root and harvest during this month.

I’m not a political animal like many of America divisional souls appear to be. No, I’m a self-professed spiritual thinker and one who believes in the natural existence of brotherhood and sisterhood, a reality that has been sorely missing in the America that I live in for too, too many past temperate seasons to count.

This “Winter’s Songfest” of equality, freedom and freedom for all should be sung by “all” in this, like I said before, potentially great nation to be. Many diverse ethnic and religious groups celebrate their holy holidays during this month, and I wonder with respect to their beliefs of peace and goodwill to all, does it only surface and apply during December and only on a certain day in this month?

Hmm! This issue has been on my (confused) mental plate of understanding for a long time, and I’m not a naysayer. So, when is freedom, justice and equality ever going to arrive and in what season will it appear for all of America’s neglected and deprived citizenry to savor and sing about?

As I told you previously, I’m a spiritual thinker, and I wonder if the natural messages of what happens during December’s “Winter’s Songfest” really applies to everyone in this country regardless of so-called race, creed or color?  The song of freedom, justice and equality is life’s multicultural composition for us “all” to join in the choir singing, extolling and practicing the virtues of tolerance and respect for all, even during this rather cold part of the year.

If this is understood by one and “all,” then the “Winter’s Songfest” has become relevant to our national heritage of being “the home of the brave and the land of the free.” Otherwise, it’s no more than an invisible, silent opus with no validity to its meaning.

As a God Alone created brother of the universe, I identity emphatically with the beauty of all of the Creator Alone’s seasons including “Winter’s Songfest.” In my view, this season, like autumn, spring and summer,  symbolizes the diversity of “hue-mankind” in all of its variant created “colored” forms.

Maybe, in some profoundly spiritual sense of deciphering the simplicities of life, you and I as cognizant “hue-mans” of color should recognize that we, along with the rest of “hue-mankind,” could be likened to the seasons of nature. That’s because we will be here in this phase of earthly life for only an extended brief season, or fragmented moment, in time solely by the the permission of the Most High Alone.

Every moment in every season of our earthly residence is to be viewed as a blessing from God Alone, Who (Alone) grants us entrée to that moment and the right to be here. That’s why I’m into celebrating the simple pure joy of seeing and observing the wonders of “Winter’s Songfest” one more time. It’s a joy to be alive in this moment.

Life in this phase of existence is far too short to not be able to appreciate and savor each season of the year that the Creator Alone allows us to flourish in. That understanding should be enough for anyone who loves God Alone to proclaim without hesitation or reservations, “All Praises are due to God Alone.”

That’s exactly where my mindset is at this present moment as I try to continue my love affair with winter, while I’m still among the spiritually aware, fully comprehending the majesties of the Creator Alone’s “Winter’s Songfest.” Think about that.

Privately, I believe that you owe it to yourself to discover the serene beauties and hidden joys of what “Winter’s Songfest” says to the hearts, minds and souls of all American true believers of God Alone. From one such aware believer to another, I wish you the very best in love, freedom, peace and equality as you view the naturally awesome winter landscaped tapestry wherever you call home, and that’s, “As I See It.”


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