The American People

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

It’s now getting colder in most parts of the United States of America and all around the nation, “The American People” are being divided by more and more ethnic confusions and by additional external distrust in each other.

These pervasive, internal factors are as real to some of the bald eagle’s citizenry’s belief systems, and in some of their minds, just as the hues that adorns their bodies identifies who they are.

And even on other fronts, some of these folk forget that so much is happening on the political and societal landscapes until they can’t seem to catch their breaths without gasping from one moment to the next. America, as a nation en masse, is going through some very demanding periods of ubiquitous introspections if you ask me, and things are literally exploding all over the place.

This appears to be the omnipresent dawning of a truly new era for the politically macabre and for the spiritually ignorant in some instances. The signs are everywhere, even for those who are unaware that they are, or maybe, “deaf, dumb and blind” to those signs.

The political temperature alone is rising in some desolate national and local circles like the “his-storical” story of the Indians surrounding Custer’s last stand. And you know what that end result was. Think!

There’s much division and some disagreements everywhere in every caldron of this nation’s political and societal hierarchies. If you’re a member of either of the nation’s two major political parties, e.g., you know of what I’m speaking about firsthand.

There’s seems to be never a dull moment if you’re a Democrat or a Republican today, and I’m not being modest when I frankly say that. It’s almost unbelievable to say that in today’s 21st century, as we (seemingly) enter into a revealing world of now tell all suspense, there’s no apparent end in sight in declaring who is right or wrong.

It seems, at least to me, that some of this hanky-panky saga of deceitful intrigue is being orchestrated to hold true spiritually freedom loving citizens at bay. What’s your take on what’s really, really happening in the America of today in your own worlds of existences, or are you just plain sick and tired of all of the shenanigans that you’ve been exposed to thus far where you live?

I believe that I am. And as I type presently and, hopefully, you will be reading soon, I’d like for you to think about what’s really going down on the local and national fronts. And please don’t forget to include thinking about the antics going on internationally and the entire backdrops of global hijinks  existing behind the operational political facades by the real controllers of the world’s economies. Hmm!

Being the thinker that I trust you hopefully are, I remind you to put two and two together spiritually, knowing that it should come out to the mathematical number that you were taught in school which comes after the number three. Sometimes, things may appear to be what they should (seem to) be, but, upon careful retrospect, they’re not what they should be. Again, think.

My dear fellow reader, something is happening in the America of today that I view, and I’d like to assume that it’s making us (all) righteously think for the betterment of what the ballyhooed “American People,” whoever they really are, really stand for. At least, that’s what I think we should (all) be doing if we believe in freedom, justice and equality for all of our beloved nation. Is it real or is it a fantasy? Ask yourself directly.

 Again, saying and knowing that I’m a brother of color in this land of assumed freedom, justice and equality for all makes me think intrinsically about many things. At my advancing senior age, I ask when are these privileges really, truly ever going to be extended to every American without distinction of class, color or religion?

 I have to ask that question now because I’m not afraid to say that I love my country in theory, but I’d like see those privileges extended in practical norms for all regardless of who they are or what their names may be. How long does one have to be free and enjoy a life without always struggling for basic “hue-man” rights, dignity and respect like other ethnic souls enjoy from their birth?

I’ve always dreamed of when that day will come, even knowing that racism and bigotry never left the corridors of America’s hidden agendas of ethnic supremacy. I do that while thinking of James Baldwin’s decisively opportune inquiries and his brilliantly powerful protestations about when will Black folk, in particular, ever be free in this land, which still loudly resounds in my heart, mind and soul. Once more, I ask, “Is freedom only a dream deferred for some, or is it like a fairy tale make believe story being played before most of people of color’s bewildering eyes and dismayed mind-sets?”

I know that the diurnal overwhelming interests, that exists throughout this nation for the most part, are transfixed on the insular two minute news reports and the up to the second social media headlines, but issues of race and class can’t be swept away or forgetter because other issues appear.

From decrying dramatic sound bites of bigotry to denying shallow stories of factual discrimination, many of “The American People” are seduced to being inescapable illogical, non thinking souls about racism in their midst.

Some of these souls, complete with their own frivolous beliefs of freedom, justice and inequality for all, participate in irrational concepts of what true equality under God is about forgetting that intolerance and biases still exists. I believe that’s why a term like “Black Lives Matter,” in particular, causes a madcap uproar among some of the so-called “American People.”

Like or not, America has to deal with racial issues along with all of the other pressing concerns of the current day. There’s no escaping the undeniable fact that the majority of today’s Black folk are no longer slaves to ignorance and the ebony youth of today are an entirely different body who will not be pigeonholed into second class existence. No way!

Debilitating falsehoods about ethnic inferiority no longer exists in most of their minds. It’s a new day on the horizon for prideful Black Americans as they aim to take their rightful places as components of one of America’s inclusive family members of respected ethnicities. Such is the awareness of all of  today’s so-called minorities as they progress from old self-hatreds to being productive parts of the melting pot of ethnicities that the real United States of America could and should be.

As an aware brother of color, I wonder if the nation’s politicians, business leaders and educators, etc., really understand what’s really, really going on in our land among all of the people, including the underserved and uncounted. Making this country great now, like it never was before, means that today “The American People” are not just White, Red, Black, Tan, Yellow or whatever color you use to identify with or as. We’re all Americans.

It’s about recognizing that we’re all parts of a salad bowl concoction of various hues, religions and ethnicities. So let’s work together in doing our fair shares in establishing an America where justice, freedom and equality for all are the real anthems of inclusion and not just myths.

It’s new day America. Live it. Be it. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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