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Peninsula Water Main Rehabilitation Project Near Completion As Phase VI Wraps Up

Pits were dug every 200 – 500 feet to provide access to the water mains without having to dig up entire streets

Staff Reports – For the past few months, Charleston Water System has been rehabilitating 2.5 miles of aging water mains in downtown Charleston, including sections of pipe on King, Cleveland, N. Enston, Francis, Laurel, Magnolia, and Poplar Streets. The project was designed to enhance fire protection and service reliability.

Although the existing cast iron pipes are structurally sound, their capacity have been reduced as mineral deposits have accumulated on the interior pipe walls. The current pipes were installed before the introduction of modern cement-lined piping.

To avoid the traditional cut-and-cover pipe replacement process, Charleston Water System will scour the existing pipes and apply a protective lining preventing further mineral deposit accumulation. This process is less disruptive and will also include installation of new valves and water meters. Costs for the project are estimated at $2.4 million.

Part of the Capital Improvements Program, the project will allow the Peninsula to accommodate growth in the service area, rehabilitate or replace aging infrastructure, and continue to meet changing regulatory requirements. Heitkamp, Inc. is the contractor for the project.

As the project is scheduled to be completed Fall 2017, residents and daily Downtown commuters will be glad to when it’s over. Reginald Jeffries who lives on King Street, expressed such feelings but understands why the project is necessary.

“It will be a  welcoming site when the road lanes open back up and the drilling doesn’t interrupt my afternoon nap,”  said Jeffries. “But I realize something has to be done with the old piping system to keep up with the growth in this area.”

Charleston Water System appreciates the community’s patience as they work to improve infrastructure in our neighborhoods throughout the Peninsula. For more information about Charleston Water System and upcoming projects  visit



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