Thinking This Thing Out

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

The living arena is something that, if you’re alive while reading this, you should know that it is a constantly challenging phenomenon. To say that in plain English may not be suitable because the undeniable fact that each tender moment in the living process is becoming so very fragile may be lost to some callous and non inquiring minds.

Just thinking in recent times about the unfathomable tragedy that happened on the streets of New York City two weeks ago and, now, the barbaric act of terrorism carried out at a Sutherland Springs, Texas church this past Sunday that took so many innocent lives should have us all “thinking” about what’s up. It’s enough to make you tormented in your soul, if it already hasn’t, because our nation has problems galore.

In general, life is full of tests for every “hue-man” being in creation, and no one will escape the trials of the moment or the future. Believe me, I could never say that enough times without reflecting upon what life’s multifaceted, exacting experiences have taught me thus far, and no matter how many times I try to address that aura and any other peculiar and unforeseeable happening that occurs in today’s chaotic living cycle, I have to stop and “think.” It’s a must.

Life is an advancing struggle in more ways than one, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes life’s ever-present and taxing trials, at times, may seem to come at us in “hue-manity” like mysterious galaxies from outer space. Sometimes, again, these orbital happenings are like undesired satellites and unwanted earthly annoyances to our daily repertoire of planetary involvements. “Think” about that before you travel on to the next paragraph.

Now, that you’ve done that, please be aware that these dicey issues and unpredictable things occurring in our daily lives happen so often in our unwary lives and mundane pathways, sometimes without warnings, that many of us forget that life is a widescreen panorama of unseen tests, unexpected ordeals and unpredictable upheavals. Listen closely: life is nothing to take for granted, and I hope as you’re reading that you are not one of those who do.

The living process must be taken and viewed as a gift from the Creator Alone and no other. This special gift of life is extended to every living soul in every imaginable part of the globe by God Alone, even if that unique soul is so-called Brown, Tan, White, Black or Yellow and speaking a different tongue from his or her nearest or foreign earthly neighbor.

Understanding and respecting “hue-man” life for what it is is to comprehend and realize that we all knowingly should be humbled and privileged to be grateful in this present moment experiencing what we are for better or worse according to our own limited levels of comprehensions and discernments. That includes dealing with all of the glamorous moments and even the topsy turvy negativisms of life, but we must never forget that they are all still tests.

Many times in my own personal worlds of existences, I have to take the necessary time to deeply reflect, or “think,” about what’s going on in my worlds of existences. Life, as we see it by what’s occurring tragically throughout the land from Sutherland Springs to who knows where next, is in many norms dividing fellow citizens of America against each other with nothing positively gained from that experience. As I now “think,” that’s really sad.

As the escalating tragedies abound and selective ill-informed souls choose who to call terrorists, I’m amazed at how most Americans aren’t really “thinking” about what’s really happening in the land. From politics to gun laws to unemployment to taxes to idiots on the airwaves, e.g., the serious issues and complex agendas are many, and there’s no apparent consensus about what really is best for all of “The American People,” including the neglected ethnicities and the marginalized ones.

All of this has me “thinking” again about what segment of our nation righteously speaks for me and the other “colored” souls with fairness and justice. It seems as though the America that I, and many others, observe on a daily political basis and experience in society is in a standoff with its own self as it struggles and debates with its heralded values of justice and standards of liberty for all. Are you “thinking” of what that really means for the oppressed? Hmm!

Do you sense where I’m coming from, especially if you’re of a “thinking” mindset and you call yourself educated, whatever that really indicates?

As you ponder an answer to that question, I sense that you’re probably now in a deep state of pensive consciousness, maybe even dread, trying to figure out what’s happening within your own country’s permeating quandary about many disturbing sequences in, about and on our beloved national landscape.

I know that I am still “thinking” intensely also, and I’m no different than you as I go about trying to figure out what I have to or must do next. It’s an endless, precarious and relentless process to confront as a “thinking” being and brother of color in a land that still seemingly languishes around virtues of unabashed justice for some, but shares limited portions of equality for others.

I’m a student of learning and, as such, I see, hear and feel a disconnect from some abstract souls in my collective experiences who are not “thinking” this thing out. “This thing” that I’m referring to is the societal mess that’s on our doorsteps as democratic citizens of a country that I love and I’m sure that you do also. “Think” about it.

And as I, too, do the same, I’d like to “think” that we all want America to be as great as some of our vaudeville political actors and actresses boldly pontificate at every election, and many of them  through their actions never demonstrate that their touted claims ever come to fruition.

Being a “thinker,” and a brother of color, I wonder, as I ponder, what would our learned greats like Frederick Douglass, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, El Hajj Malik El Shabaka (Malcolm X) and Sojourner Truth would be “thinking” now about our “thinking” malaise and the rest of this country’s bewildering predicaments. “Think!”

I can’t speak for the dead, but we, the present living, must take charge of the unique activity called “thinking” in the now and determine what our and the rest of this nation’s destinies are going to be. Life is not promised forever to anyone in this phase of living.

So, as you and I transcend and progress from moment-to-moment and from day-to-day, we all should be about “Thinking This Thing Out” before it’s too late. If we want to make our communities, cities, states and the nation on a whole great now and not later, we must as people reject racism, bigotry and discriminations en masse.

There’s much love and good in many of “The American People’s” hearts and souls. Hopefully, remembering that “time waits for no one” will bring us to the resolve that we, together, of all ethnicities and faith traditions, must reasonably “Think This Thing Out.” We must come together and communicate to and with each other. Our nation’s present vitality and future harmony demands as much.

Let’s begin today in trying our utmost best in making our country magnificent. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”




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