What kind of fools…?

By Gwen Bobo

It seems to me that the more dastardly things politicians do . . . the less we seem to hold them accountable.   They are costing the taxpayers billions of dollars by their “private agenda” decisions with no regard as to how their blatant disregard of reasoning impacts all of us.

After all, it’s just money – taxpayers’ money.  Most politicians have financial security in salaries, pensions, stocks, business ventures, and paid health insurance.   Struggling taxpayers are paying for their mistakes that are costing us billions such as:

(1) Charleston’s Trump Jr. Deal (Naval Hospital Purchase): How many of you have purchased anything on credit and have not had your credit report, employment, and wage/salary verified?  How did this quagmire occur with the sale of the Naval Hospital?  Trump Jr. was the bait.  Mayor Summey and City Council members were so enamored  with being in the presence of Trump Jr.  in the “private, windowless meeting room”  at the North Charleston Police Department that they lost their concentration and some lost their senses.   Then, the “deal” went downhill ever since. Where was our legal team when this “shoddy” agreement was created?   There are many players in this game, but the real losers are the taxpayers.   Trump, Sr. and Trump, Jr. have histories of duplicitous dealings.  Now, Charleston County can be added to Trump’s long list along with the other deals that were dumped and contractors left unpaid.  Please explain to the taxpayers how it is possible to purchase  property without paying for it, make loans against it,  go into foreclosure, and end up getting a $33 million dollar settlement after defaulting.  Also, don’t forget the loans made against the property that were not used for their intended purposes?

(2)  Las Vegas Massacre (Non-regulation of “Bump Stock” Apparatus for Semi-Automatic Weapons):  According to various reports, “the bump stock was created for people with disabilities.”  If a physically disabled person cannot handle a semi-automatic weapon, how can that same individual  handle an automatic weapon’s recoil  while firing up to 800 rounds a minute?  Better yet, why wasn’t there any federal regulations against  this unregulated equipment?  Whose responsibility is it to monitor this equipment if not the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives?  No one other than military personnel in a war should have access to automatic weapons PERIOD!  The bump stock was truly created for people with disabilities – – mental disabilities.

(3)  Failed V.C. Summer Nuclear Station, Fairfield, SC (Santee Cooper Project):  No one on the board has a nuclear background?  WHAT???  Disregarding the state’s engineering laws that require licensed professionals to sign off on blueprints used for construction?   CEO Lonnie Carter bailed and  was not held accountable for his part in the collapse?   He should forfeit some, if not all, of his pension and other perks for ripping off the State.  We must demand accountability from the people we place in office.   

There was a song many years ago entitled, “What kind of fool do you think I am?”  My answer is this: “ Politicians think their secret plans and actions are “fool-proof”, but it’s the fools that have proven them wrong.”    

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