Las Vegas is on My Mind

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

The horrific slaughter that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past Sunday has left me deeply thinking once again. In case you aren’t aware, more than 58 people were killed and 515 injured when a 64-year-old madman named Stephen Paddock randomly opened fire from the 32nd floor of a luxury Las Vegas hotel into a crowd of country music loving concert attendees down below.

This unthinkable carnage by the deranged Mr. Paddock has left this country once again gathering its shocked senses together in trying to decipher how this sort of mayhem could have occurred. In all unimaginable sensitivities, it’s not easy to decipher because this type of incident seems to be a constant happening in one form or the other in our country.

While the families of the deceased and the relatives of the injured go about trying to piece their lives together in so many sorted norms, I’m now looking spiritually inwardly for a momentary resolve in internalizing this dastardly occurrence. I think that all Americans should because it seems as though the old adage that says that “violence is as real as real can be in this country” is living up to its billing as something profoundly true.

“Las Vegas is (definitely) on My Mind” for this week’s article, and I’m in a God Alone centered  reverent flow of thinking because life is precious. The massacre in Las Vegas has me thinking out loud once again to you about the fragility of each moment in time. Life is not a plaything.

The enormity of the carnage in Las Vegas humbly makes me be able to sense how much one never knows when tragedies like the one in Sin City can strike anywhere at any time. My heartfelt prayers are with the families of all those affected by this catastrophe in Las Vegas.

This past weekend’s terroristic-like attack on those innocent “hue-man” beings in Vegas makes me painfully reflect on the pristine value of any given moment in time and space. Life is a unique voyage from here to there, but no one but the Creator Alone knows how long the journey in this life’s phase is going to be. Think about it.

I always tell myself and others that the living process should be embraced and cherished, knowing that it could end at any moment by any means necessary. “Las Vegas is on My Mind,” and I can’t help myself in writing what I’m putting in print today because those innocent victims in Las Vegas deserved better because all that they were about and being at the concert was to have a good time.

Trying to make sense of it all tells me that the living process is an unequalled reality to give thanks to God Alone for allowing you, me and others for being here by His Alone’s permission. That’s where my head and heart are at in this contemplative moment as I type my thoughts today thinking ever so mindfully of the Las Vegas victims, both the deceased and the injured.

“LasVegas is on My Mind” while the cancerous disorders of intolerance, bigotry and ignorance exist side by side. Unfortunately, the America of our worst nightmares is suffering from internal hatreds and maddening viruses that are spreading in far too many unseen caverns of (some) sick pseudo nationalistic perpetrators and more than a few sinister corruptive agitators.

These lunatic beings and their problems are not going to go away because we simply wish that they do. No, they are forever going to be there until we address the fact that there’s something seriously going wrong in our country and not everything can be labeled as mental, without careful definition.

Remember that “there’s select pharmaceutical medicine for some folk who are labeled by society as crazy, but there’s no known remedy for bigoted folk who are ‘legitimately’ labeled as inherently stupid.” Only “the ignorantly deaf, mentally dumb and spiritually blind” would not know that life is precious, given by God Alone, and that taking of an innocent life is a terrible sin.

I am feeling that you know that too and, hopefully, thinking that we’re both full of so much humble appreciation to the Most High Alone for  extending to us one more tender gift of life, we respect “hue-manity” too much to harm another in creation unjustly. All ethnic “hue-man” life is precious and should be respected to the utmost.

Sometimes, I think that certain disenfranchised spiritual segments of “hue-manity,” as fractional and abstract-minded delusional beings and entities, forgets that reality to their own detriment. Mr. Paddock obviously did as many others like him and his ilk have done so in the past.

Forgetting that God Alone gives life seems to be a global habit among many of the world’s rebellious and uncaring unbalanced ethnicities from throughout the world, and it’s a shame. I reiterate, again, that the living process is a fragile moment in time and space only given to us, the living, for a brief voyage in our individual and collective lives.

I hope that you’re not one of those lost souls who doesn’t understand that, because if it weren’t for the Creator Alone’s mercies and blessings to everyone, how would anyone not  be ableto connect with each other and the rest of “hue-manity” in the here and now? Before you attempt to usher forth a definitive answer, remember those victims in Las Vegas, and please be aware that we’re only here because (only) God Alone simply says and does things literally in a “be and it is” manner. Do you understand that life is a test?

I’ll try to explain that a little fuller if you didn’t understand the impact of the spiritual motto, “ be and it is.” By saying “be and it is,” all I’m referring to is the unequalled majestic decision of the Most High Alone to do as He (Alone) wishes without the need of “hue-man” intercession or imagined assistance as “Las Vegas is (still) on My Mind.”

Being here thinking of what happened in Las Vegas to me is an eternal realization that I’m knowing that I’m only here doing what I’m doing (momentarily) because God Alone decided to allow me to be here where I’m at in this sacred time and space. Do you feel where I’m coming from as I honor this recognition and the victims in Las Vegas by simply breaking down the divine code of existence to you, me and to anyone else with a scintilla of spiritual intellect about them?

Each moment in life is precious, and I’m trusting that you’re are on the same spiritual comprehension of that reality with me because it’s time for the disorganized fragments of “hue-manity” to stop playing with racial turmoils and ethnic conflicts as so many abstract-minded souls in “hue-manity,” unfortunately, seem to be doing from time-to-time today on a path to self-destruction. I say that knowing fully well that there are some psychos, crazies and maniacs out there.

I wonder if those misguided souls realize that life is a precious phenomenon that only God Alone has the authority over, and these spiritual naysayers aren’t the creators of anything except perpetrators of evil and and division. The innocent victims in Las Vegas deserved better but the devil is and always will be a busy fellow as my mother used to say when unexplainable, wicked and detestable things happened. Life is special.

Listen closely. We live in the America of today and, unfortunately, as the world readies itself for what may come next on the future daily news spindle of shocking happenings and abysmal chaos, I wonder if, we in “hue-manity,” and who live in so many different sectors of the globe, realize how fragile a moment in life actually is? I’d like to pose that tender reality to your mindset because, after all, you also are a vital part of the present equation of “hue-manity’s” makeup without distinction to color, class, religion, ethnicity or tribal boundaries.

Again, I ask you, “Do you feel where I’m coming from?” I’d like you to think about that because what happened in Las Vegas is a sickening and menacing sign that we here in the so-called land of the free have much spiritual, moral and political work to do in making America truly safe for “all” of its citizenry. No one should feel unsafe being an American, especially if we claim that this potentially great country we the United States of America is supposed to be the home of the brave.

I offer no apologies for believing that we need more respect in all of our personal and outer spheres of existences, and I know that I do in mine. I’ll leave that for you to decipher about in your own personal and intuitive inclinations, and while you do, please keep in mind that life waits for no one including you, too, as you think respectfully of the deceased and the injured in Las Vegas with reflective prayerful thoughts.

I’m at that point now as I think of them and all of the others who have tragically passed in the past due to man’s insanities to “hue-mankind” galore. And now while “Las Vegas is (very much) on My Mind,” I wonder whether most Americans realize that our nation has some real problems here at home that it needs to take care of first before we look elsewhere to solve others’ issues, problems and concerns.

So, if you’re on this flow, then I need not tell you how disturbingly the events in LasVegas are in my thoughts now. I respectfully think that it’s time for Americans to seriously look at themselves because we do have some inherent dilemmas and perplexing hatreds that are really pressing us to the edges of disbelief as the senseless gun violence, e.g., escalates.

I’ll close now thinking of and offering my sincere prayers to the families and loved ones of the victims and injured in Las Vegas, knowing that love and respect for all overcomes wickedness all the time. Please remember that while comprehending that the next second is not promised to anyone.You also should remember that death is waiting for every created thing and being, including me and you. We just don’t know when.

As I close for today, I wish you, the City of Las Vegas and the rest of the entire ethnic global communities from ocean to ocean heartfelt love and vibrant prayerfully peaceful vibrations to the max, hoping that you also are savoring those qualities during these trying times in our nation. For today and always, that’s, “As I See it.”

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