Where is “The Nation’s” True Pride?

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

The world of today seems to be governed by assorted “hue-mans” who are possessed with either candid pride or bipolar arrogance in some form or the other. That’s my take on the topical themes of national pride as I wonder sometimes whether some folk know the differences that defines what pride is.

Sometimes, though, being involved in real world deceptive games of mind-playing communications, as we all are and have been involved in from time-to-time, I don’t believe that egotism, as an abhorrent display, needs any clarification in this brief time space because “it is what it is.” But there’s one thing I think we all can universally agree on, and that is that everyone seems to detest conceit and phony boasters in all of their rotten personas.

Real national pride in today’s America has become a lightning rod, and it’s something that doesn’t necessarily have to be spoken about in many instances because you can sense when someone, or something, is really legit or has value. It’s like money in the bank to some because there’s no artificiality to its auras or presentations with respect to and for all. Do you feel where I’m heading?

I hope so because, in many circles, false patriotic pride, or the illusion of same, on the other hand, is another issue to be dealt with. Some so-called patriotic folk are fork-tongued supremacists in disguise and, many times, you never know what to believe.

So, I think that we need to lightly investigate what really constitutes being authentically prideful in today’s America is all about. I believe that its main tenet should be reverent equality for all in humble representation, and that is very definitely missing in some sectors of America today. Let’s look at pride.

Listen closely. According to dictionary sources, pride means to have a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction from one’s own achievements. Pride also involves the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. It’s not that complex.

That may sound simplistically commonplace but it probably describes the bulk of Americans’ concept of the word as it relates to some folk who they  already know from their own worlds of existences. Understanding this word’s intrinsic impact on all souls and cultures, especially when applied with intellectual impact, should take on auras of communal humility and mutual respect that we all should respect and admire.

Take for example, I, humbly and pridefully, refer to that word because I think, feel and know that inherently that, by being a brother of color, “Black is Beautiful.” I, of course, trust that you understand that solely as a respectful statement coming from me for being proud of who I am, and not one of haughtiness or overbearingness.

Everyone should love themselves and their patrimony. All Americans should feel that way about their ethnicities and their heritage as they apply God Alone thankfulness to their own senses and feelings of deep pleasure of being who they are and where they come from.

Unfortunately, in many parts of this country and other segments of the  world, there’s no spiritual joys in some  ethnic folks’ souls in being proud of who they are because the sense of worthwhile gratification is no where to be found. It’s a shame that this exists because maybe some of these folk have experienced extreme bigotries galore and learning to love themselves has become a hassle unto itself.

In today’s America, misrepresented understandings of what our national pride is, or should be in some arenas, are possibly being applied to the abject sense of exclusion and feelings of disassociation for many of the nation’s underprivileged citizens, especially those of color, when injustices and bigotries are heaped upon them from the cradle to the grave. This is evident knowing that “certain” ethnicities and groups in our nation have a bonus card full of privileges from their birthrights, and the majority of the disenfranchised (other) ethnic folk of color wonder what is so awesome about being an American when racism and injustices remain unchanged in their lives.

Many Americans of color wonder when will the nation’s “great” train include them without a clandestine overture of tokenism being expressed in every aspect of this society’s offerings. People of color are literally fed up with “the good old boys’ ” forms of exclusionary patriotism and fake pride where only segregationists and supremacists rule and dictate the oppressed souls’ lives.

‘The oppressed masses are saying “enough is enough” to the way “the good old boys” have operated for over four centuries, and they are asking, via today’s burgeoning national protests, “What is the real American justice for all really about?” These same Americans are finally demanding answers to, about and if the heralded flag doesn’t wave for all equally, then “who does it wave for?”

Today’s salad bowl mixed lot of Americans, from East to West, appear to be a very-much divided and confused legion of agitated folk, who are as ethnically diverse as you’ll find anywhere. With “his-storical” racism hiding in so many of some ethnic Americans’ mental pseudo patriotic closets, the other overwhelming ethnicities have suffered from lapses of being proud in who they are and are forever seeking freedom from the Holocaust chains of racial discriminations.

Sadly, the torment of hating one’s self, and living in America’s existing undercurrent apartheid abyss, defeats the usage of humbly being able to say, with real pride, that our nation is, in reality, one that is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave for all.  Our nation is aching for all to be free, and I’ve always felt that America is a “potentially” great nation, but when is it ever going to reach its full potential?

I love my country, but it, in many locations and realms, isn’t truly what it should be because societal prejudices and political racism still exists. I ask, “Are you really “his-storically” proud of America’s heritage when you truly know what was done to the enslaved Africans and the indigenous dwellers here?”

If you can answer that with spiritual dignity in solving our pressing challenges and issues, then let’s get busy to do away with our fake leaders and false pundits of making the country great again. Oh, by the way. Excuse me for asking, but as a brother of color and on behalf of my culture, when was America (ever) great for the enslaved African and the tortured Indian? Hmm!

Now, moving on. The U.S.A., our special nation, is at a crucial point in its history. We are a diverse nation in so many norms until we can’t let religious differences, shady “polytrickstians,” racial hatreds, and ethnic supremacists destroy the very core of what this potentially great nation can become. It’s up to us to make equally great for all.

In so many assorted and distorted worlds of “hue-manistic” existence today, pride, at all levels, plays an important role in all of our lives with variant degrees of complexities. There’s nothing wrong with that, but please remember that any celebrations or exclamations of pride for whatever reasons should be directed toward the Creator Alone. I pray for America because we need prayerful respect To God Alone first in solving our problems. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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