Don’t Let Negative Folks Destroy You

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

Today I’m going to rap to you about a very troubling situation that’s oftentimes occurring in our lives. And that is dealing with negativities floating all around us.     

First, let me briefly set the scenario behind why I’m addressing this topic now. It’s based upon a rather impromptu  conversation that I had with a brother of color last week, one in which dealt with issues that were was causing him some mental anguish to no ends.

It seemed that someone he knew, trusted and thought had his back was really outright betraying and verbally knifing him in the back with negative words, etc. This, of course, was making him angry and very depressed.

After discreetly listening to the young brother for about thirty minutes, he asked me what I thought about what was happening to him. I carefully told him that, unfortunately, what he was experiencing was all a part of the living process and, as painful as it was, I felt compelled to share a little spiritual insight with him, hoping that it would ease some of his anxieties. I related to him that “life is what it is,” and that there are going to be some duplicitous ethnic “colored” folk who smile to your face as dear friends and then will stab you in the back as unwelcome enemies. Sadly, “it’s life” in some of its most unforeseen arenas.

Being that I was much older than the young brother of color, I had to tell him that what he was experiencing wasn’t a unique experience, because I’ve been there a time or two. As you read on, can you possibly relate to where I was coming from with that point blank fact?

If you’re real, and haven’t been sheltered by living under a rock in your very own living experiences, I think that you’d give an unsolicited and resounding yes to that inquiry. Being upfront, we all, I sincerely believe, have probably been blindsided by some nefarious souls in our midst who we thought we could trust and who would never betray us. I told the young bother that life’s myriad experiences are the very best teachers in so many non descriptive ways of being (truly) educated. He listened, but I didn’t know whether he fully comprehended what I was telling him because he felt worthless.

Breaking it down further to him, I said that nobody can ever make you feel unimportant unless “you” allow them to. My life’s experiences thus far have strongly taught me that, and, as you know, if you been reading my vibes for the last twenty or so years, I’m a self-professed continuing student of learning, always seeking knowledge from every single moment of existence.

I had to tell the young brother that ingratitude and criticism of all kinds are unfortunately always going to appear in our lives, so don’t be surprised when it does. My suggestion to him was to know that those are maturation levels of the price he has to pay for vaulting past being a mediocre student in the game of life.

In my own living experiences life has taught me that instead of being shocked, surprised, or whatever, by ingratitude and betrayals, I’ve somewhat learned to expect it. It’s all apart of the games that some, or most, ethnic “colored” folk play in the games of life.

For better or worse “that’s how it is,” even though it can be mentally unsettling and emotionally disturbing at times. The young brother respectfully asked me how did I handle those situations when they occurred in my life. I told him that my years as a developing spiritual student of God Alone has taught me that by being a worshipping servant of the Creator Alone, I know that I’ll be criticized, even by those who I may (have) considered trusted friends or allies, and that includes so-called family or ace buddies. I don’t go blindly into anything, now or ever, assuming, or aimlessly thinking, that some folk are going to be other than who they really, really are. That’s life.

For me, the only way life has taught me to counteract those dubious and distrusting character types is to keep my faith in God (Alone) constant, and to do nothing in response to those who betray me. God has my back. I hold to that premise because those betraying folk have been exposed by the Most High Alone’s permission, and the truth always outlives liars or betrayers in the end. I believe that.

The young brother said he still was confused by what I’d  said to him, and he  wanted apparently to be demonstrably judgmental against the individual who negatively betrayed him. I told him that was his choice, but in my way of looking at things, I saw it differently.

I told him I try not to judge certain ethnic folk by what is said of them by their enemies.

As a believer in God Alone, I know I’m a perpetual work in progress, struggling to deal with all of the challenges, trials and tests that are going on in my own worlds of existences, so I don’t really have time to criticize others. I say that with humility because I don’t know what others have on their plates. Do you?

Listen. I know some folks who can’t even handle their own businesses, but they somehow find time to criticize others. It’s a deep conundrum to explain or attempt to figure out. In my view, most of the criticizing folk I know are nosy, inquisitive ones who are critically negative because they are either jealous, prying or are terribly misinformed. I told the young brother that in so many words, and I also said that most of the times these negative critics are irregular folk who usually say things that have no impact whatsoever with actual truth. Again, “that’s life” and it is to be expected when you have all kinds of suspect folks in your life, forever trying to get into your business, if you let them.

One must be ever so careful who you talk to and what you say to them. So, I try to talk of spiritual things relating to the Most High Alone because in doing that, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever what other criticizing and betraying souls say about me or you.

I told the young man this and he said he wasn’t a very religious soul. With the greatest of respect to his beliefs, I told him to put the Creator Alone first in his front view mirror of life going forward, and he’ll be okay because the Most High Alone will protect him, even in the midst of all of his life’s difficulties, including  from the criticisms from his frenemies.

This was respectfully uttered to the young brother because I believe that if you’re not about doing God Alone’s prescribed work of peace for the good of “hue-manity” to best of your abilities, you’re wasting your precious moments on earth. We all should be mindful of that, and we should also know that nothing any negative folk say will ever matter if you’re truly doing God’s work.

“So, hold your head up” is what I told the young brother in concluding our rap. “Life’s a continuous test,” so we must thank God Alone for revealing the negatives, betrayers and criticizing folks in all of our worlds of existences. Do you thank Him? I hope so. And if you do, please put your trust in God Alone, and keep on pushing. Those were my final remarks to the young brother as he walked away, and I extend them to you also. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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