Taking A Pause

By Hakim Abdul-Ali    

A lot of stuff is going on in the world. Some global ethnically abstract-minded “colored” folk, including some of them who are here in our own vastly racially separated and political divided nation, don’t even know or care about the real happenings and its signs that are flashing before their daily mind waves.

This past week, especially during the last couple of days, has been a hectic period in my life, and I’m sure just as it may have been, or was, for some other ethnic souls in the rest of the world. On my end though, it’s just been a lot of stuff transpiring in my worlds of existences testing me and, with that, I don’t believe that what I’m dealing with is any different than what some others are going through or dealt with.

“It’s life,” and I call it that as I view the world’s happenings in my spiritual way of looking at all of life’s occurrences as being signs from the Creator Alone masquerading as sustained trials from  Most High Alone.

We all have them in our individualistic and external dealings here in the good old USA just as others everywhere have them in their approaches in dealing with the predictable unpredictable living processes of the living process.   

It’s as simple as that. So, I don’t want, as you read further, to assume that I’m coming at you with something really complex this week in my column. No, actually to the contrary, I’m going to ease into something I’m going to call “Taking A Pause,” and it’s about just that in plain speech.    

Patiently experiencing another trial in the here and now called this moment is something that I’m forever reminding myself to carefully reflect upon because it’s the real indicator of what living in this phase of existence is all about. In realizing and doing that I have to “Take a Pause” and, using some more contemporary street parlance, I need to simply “chill” on that precise reality because the next movement in time is not guaranteed.

I trust that you know that to be an unequivocal given too, with no shortcuts in between. “Life is what it is.” That’s the key to you understanding why I’m writing this piece today because there’s too much craziness going in some dark centers of the world today for us to not understand that our collective lives are valued, and I do  mean “all” of our lives have merit and are sacred.

Being a spiritual thinker puts me in this persistent mood of trying to assess the situations that happened to me in my own life recently and in the rest world with a somewhat optimistic demeanor. That may need explanation of sort, so please stay with me for a little while.

The reason for me describing myself as being optimistic is that in the past I used to jump to conclusions about many  scenarios in my worlds of existences. Sometimes, I did this being around some contrary folk in my daily spheres who I’d  come in contact with in many other external happenings that indirectly and directly affected me.   

It took me some time to systematically slow down and, literally,  “Take a Pause” and let the Creator Alone show me what He (Alone) was revealing to me about whatever it was that was occurring in my worlds of existences.

That patient, prayerful assessment was one of the best things that have ever happened to me because, quite frankly, it allowed me to “Let Go and Let God” work His (Alone) show. I needed patience.      

I believe in worshipping only the Creator Alone and, as you read, please don’t think that I’m trying to do anything other than attempting to communicate with you, the reader, in clearly respectful norms of understanding, no matter what you believe or call yourself. In discussing “Taking a Pause,” I’m only talking about a resolute inner vibe that is circulating within my soul that’s all about connecting to the powerful current signs given to all of us by God Alone, the Creator Alone of everyone and everything. Being patient is a virtue.

That cerebral understanding is a process that some uptight ethnic “colored”  folk in  “hue-manity” today may have some difficulty comprehending. Do you? I don’t, and I sincerely hope that you don’t either, because there’s so much conflicting mess is going on around all of us until we need to spiritually  and realistically scope what is happening locally and nationally to us and globally to others.    

These happenings are all signs from God Alone for everyone of us to be able to “wake up and smell the coffee.” I like that modernistic off-the-cuff manner of expression also because it’s another hip way to say maybe, just maybe, that we (all) need to “chill” out and “Take a Pause,” regroup and spiritually look at what God Alone is revealing to us in so many unwritten and unspoken norms.

From the recent White supremacist uproar in Charlottesville, Virginia, to the present tragic historic flooding in Texas, to the omnipresent truly political comedic sideshow in Washington, D.C., to the horrific, continuing and escalating Black on Black crimes in Afro-American communities, e.g., so we all need to “Take a Pause” to check  out what’s really going on. The signs are there for all to see if you think about it.   

Many politicians’ hold cards are being peeped with revealing outcomes and the lies of institutional hypocrites are exposing them everyday as the seduced world anxiously waits for the next social media tweet. Hmm! While that wait takes place, all of the other troubling things that are disturbingly happening in so many diverse arenas, globally speaking, are also ominous signs from God Alone in my view, and are signaling that our current conditions are only temporary because the living experience is a moment-to-moment existence.    

Life is a wonderful voyage and we must appreciate that we are given this opportunity to be a part of it. With that being what it is, and, here I go again, maybe, we in “hue-manity” just need to spiritually step back and psychologically “Take a Pause” to mentally digest what really is going on around us and why.     

That’s just some food for thought coming from the center of my spiritual orbit today. I deeply believe in respect for God, country and to and for all others in “hue-mankind.” We need to look internally at what’s really destroying our nation and keeping it a clearly separate political schism and still unequalled society. I ask, “Where is freedom for all?”   

Sadly, as many talk of a utopian patriotism, I sometimes wonder who is it really for, “realistically speaking,” or is it merely an ideological premise? If you’re an honest flag waving America troubadour of patriotism, does that make sense to you? Think before you speak.

You don’t have to answer immediately, but please give some it some thought by taking a pause in remembering that in theory we’re supposed to be a nation undivided, with respect for all. “Chill” on that concept for a soulful pause and maybe you could see that in this nation and in the long scheme of being at peace with ourselves, and others, and more importantly being at peace with the Creator Alone, Who has given us life and breath, we’d be better Americans.     

To that end, let’s you and I pray for peace and unity for us here in the USA and for all others in the rest of world. “Take a Pause” in considering that? For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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