Sometimes You Have To Throw A Brick

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

Every now and then, a friend will inbox me something that is nonsense or makes a lot of sense.  So, follow this condensed version of a recent e-mail I received regarding a little boy that needed help.  I am sure some of you have received the same e-mail. Here goes!

A little boy was standing near a busy neighborhood street trying to get someone’s attention from the passing cars but no one stopped. You see, he was pushing his brother in a wheelchair when it suddenly toppled over.

He was small in stature and was unable to pick his brother up. Thinking that he had done all that he could to summon help, he saw another car approaching and threw a brick at it. A young successful executive, driving one of those fancy new Jaguars, stopped his car immediately to look for the person who threw the brick and found a young boy. Angry that the boy had dented his new Jaguar, he asked the boy “what was that all about; why did you throw the brick at my car”? The boy responded that his brother needed help and he had tried to stop someone to help but no one stopped and he didn’t know what else to do. The driver gained his composure and helped the young boy with his brother and decided to leave the dent in his car. Here’s the kicker! The reason was “Don’t go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention”.

The fable is so descriptive of why I am writing this article. I need to have a talk with white folk.  It’s time that someone throw a brick at white folk to get their attention because nothing has worked so far. Now, this isn’t for all y’all white folk, but I am talkin’ to the ones that I am talkin’ to.  President Donald Trump, #45, is a joke and y’all know it; yet, you would rather have white ignorance in the White House than black intelligence. When President Obama was in office, so much unwarranted disrespect was shown. And, now that #45 is in office, America is the talk of the universe. I am troubled by the increased overt racial discrimination taking place in America. I know y’all white folk ‘gonna deny that this ain’t about race like you always do, but y’all are in denial.

America has a chip on her shoulder for Black folk. Black folk built America and why she wants to bite the hands that fed her is incomprehensible. Why would y’all, talking to y’all White folk, vote to put a President in office that brings such disgrace to America? Don’t tell me y’all hate Black folk so much that you are willing to lower America’s standard in this nation from “most powerful” to “mediocrity”, from intelligent to ignorant?

Don’t tell me you are satisfied with what’s going on in Washington. What da heck are y’all thinking about? President #45 doesn’t have a clue about how to run this country. He doesn’t have people’s skills. He doesn’t respect the innocence of children. He doesn’t even know what’s appropriate to say, when or where. Yep, I am talking about President #45 recent speech at the Boy’s Scout National Jamboree. He certainly doesn’t know anything about Internal or Foreign Affairs.

Let’s talk about the recent attempt by Republicans to replace, repeal, call it what you will, the Affordable Health Care Act, better known as Obamacare. I would be the first one to admit that some things in the Affordable Health Care Act need to be revisited.  A lot of work has gone into getting a national health care program up and running—a program that is extending and saving lives. So, what’s the problem? Black folk living too long?  Black lives don’t matter? Hispanic lives don’t matter? Some of y’all are too rich and out of touch to realize what poor folks or folks without health care go through.  There are plenty of white folk without health care too. You can’t hurt Black folk without hurting yourself because somewhere down the line you will reap what you sow. Some of y’all don’t even know what is in the Healthcare Bill, but you want to replace it anyway because it took a Black president to do something that none of his white predecessors was able to do.

Now, fast forward to transgender people in the military. Trump wants to kick them out. Why? They are costing the government too much. According to USA Today, June 21, 2017, the Special Inspector General, John Sopko, said the Pentagon wasted $28 million over a seven-year period on special uniforms for Afghan soldiers that they did not have to spend. The troops could have used the same camouflage uniforms worn by American troops. That’s just one example of waste.  I can assure you there are many more costly government mistakes.  America would rather waste money on foolishness than to take care of those who take care of her.  Twenty-eight million dollars could go a long way in helping America’s veterans and the homeless.

So, let me wrap this up, white folk.  You have been speeding past folks in the hood that have fallen down, towing your big expensive boat, and not stopping to help. Slow down white folk!

You get only one chance at life. One day, someone just may throw a brick at your car.

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  1. John A. El-Amin on August 3, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Absolutely! When will these powers that be ever “get it”? The entire population of this planet is rebelling against racist dominance , due to these folks ignoring or trying to ignore the human quest for justice.

    Ignoring reality has gotten them ” a brick upside their heads”but their heads are quite hard.

    Arrogance, hatefulness and flat out stupidity are the proud emblems they cherish in Mr.Trump and themselves.

    They are stoking the fires of their own destruction. And I say “Good Riddance”!

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