President #45: Pardon Me!

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

Boy have I got a story for you today. Have y’all been keeping up with the news?  I am sure some of y’all old schoolers are familiar with the phrase, “you have to laugh to keep from crying”.  That’s what I find myself doing with President #45, Donald Trump.  Every night I go to bed, I pray that I don’t wake up in Heaven.  Well, what I mean is, it wouldn’t be a bad thing but I am just not ready for Trump to start some nuclear war. The fear is really not for me but the next generation. Countries that were once supportive or at least willing to talk, under the previous administration, are now building sophisticated, long range missiles.  And, Russian President Vladimir Putin, could hardly contained his laughter during the press conference on Trump’s recent visit to Russia. Even though, there appears to be some collusion with Russia, Putin knows there is also some confusion here at home with President #45.

Let’s take a look at President #45, Trump.  How in da’ heck #45 can even raise the question of whether or not he can pardon himself?  It just points to his guilt and his lack of preparedness to preside over the business of the US (United States, and US). First, why would Trump be thinking of pardoning anyone at this point, not to mention himself, if there is not some acknowledgement of guilt? There must be some type of act before there is forgiveness.  Since everything reported about #45 is “fake” news, what is he afraid of?  I don’t know about y’all but I smell a rat.  It looks like #45 is hiding information that is damaging and impeachable.   And, as old folks would say, “It will all come out in the wash”.

Trump has been in office a little more than six months and he has done nothing but stirred up controversy from day one.  This is the same man who wanted to destroy #44, President Barack Obama, with his repeated requests for President Obama to produce his original birth certificate.  After the birth certificate was publicly confirmed, Trump continued to make accusations against its authenticity. Now that he is in office, the question of his tax returns has been raised repeatedly; and, as of today, he has not produced his returns.  So, what is he hiding?   What’s good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.

It’s been all over “real” news that #45, Trump, is toying with the idea of pardoning himself and I am sure he is thinking about extending the pardon to his son, son-in-law and some other key staff members.  So, what is Trump hiding?  Why is Congress prolonging the inevitable?  It really is past time for Congress to deal with the craziness.  It is time America look at herself for what she has become.  If America is to remain the super power of the world, she needs a super president—a President with morals, intelligence, patience and one who understands there is more strength in peace than it is in war.  And, if she is not careful, she will find herself in a war that will destroy her.

The situation we find ourselves in with #45, tells me something about this country.  America was led out of the biggest financial crisis in recent history under President Obama due to subprime mortgage loans by banks. Banks and auto industries were bailed out. Millions of homes were foreclosed on.  Bin laden and some of his dangerous cohorts were captured or killed. And, just when America was coming into solvency and feeling a little safer, she gets a buffoon who doesn’t have a clue of his job description.  #45 just makes up things as he goes along and lies when his back is up against the wall.

America had a great President, #44 Barak Obama, but she could not see beyond color.  She would rather have a President that is unprepared and unscrupulous than one that is prepared and has morals. It is a dangerous thing for #45 to have access to America’s inner most secrets. Top secrets that can be shared with Putin or other countries. Trump is all about the almighty dollar. Just like oil and water, money and good judgment don’t mix well.

I must “laugh to keep from crying”, perhaps you need to do so too.  Y’all remember when y’all were a kid and were taught to say “pardon me” when exhibiting bad behaviors in public?  Oh, put your hands down baby boomers; of course, y’all remember.  Let’s use Jimmy as an example.

If Jimmy cracked corn, he said “pardon me”.  If Jimmy reached across someone at the dinner table, he said, “pardon me”. If Jimmy sneezed in public, he said, “pardon me”. If Jimmy stepped on someone’s foot, he said, “pardon me”. And, if Jimmy did something really obnoxious in public and did not say “pardon me” he got the crap slapped out of him.  The moral of the story is you can’t pardon yourself.  It takes someone else doing the pardoning.

If your answer is no to self-pardons, then Tweet #45 and say “hell no to the no, no”.

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