Losers and Winners

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

Life is a wonderful voyage and the living arena is not a trivial adventure. It’s the journey of a lifetime in more ways than one.

Some alert and varied “colored” folk among us know that, and there’s also a rather large populace of disingenuous folk among “The American People,” who say that life’s a game. And, adding  to those groupings, there exist streams of abstract minded “hue-mans” in our culture, who view being involved in this unique living process as mere folly and think that it is merely a whimsical game without definition.

Do you understand what I’m referring to, especially, in light of what’s going on locally, nationally and internationally around us? Think!

Sadly, I sense that far too many apathetic ethnic “colored” souls, and that includes everyone from every ethnicity, every nation, many of whom are playing at being in the here and now. Are you like that, or are you aware that each moment in time signals that this could be your last one in this ballgame?

Without debating that point for now, many modernized thinking folk tend to believe that the living process is exactly that-a game and no more. Like I alluded to previously, there are some heedless folk in every global community who are lampooning “the game of life” and are sure fire opponents of not knowing what the real rules of the game of life are in the first place. Death waits for no one.

Life is creation. In dealing with being here in the now, the first rule of thumb is to know that every participant in “the game of life” is distinctively created to be in it by the Creator Alone of everyone and everything. That’s a cardinal principle any player must have in deciphering the game of life in order to  know, recognize and understand with full totality that life is not a game. It was created by God Alone.

Secondly, if that bottom-line process of divine wisdom is embedded in any of the world’s players’ hearts, minds and souls, then they are now ready to respect other ethnic “colored” souls, no matter what their creed, color or religion may be. Life is the playing field for peace loving winners and not the launching pad for hatreds and skullduggery.

This phase of living, or “game of life,” as it was divinely design by the Creator Alone, was made so that universal respect should be given to and for Him Alone and that His (alone) creation be fully incorporated into any and all believers in the living process with respect for all and vengefulness towards none. We’re all brothers and sisters.

The conforming parts of “hue-manity,” who profess and practice those tenets of “the game’s” rules in peace are deemed winners. Others, who don’t, are clearly the losers, and all you have to see that this assertion is correct is to check out the the losers and winners around you in your own particular ballparks, stadiums and arenas of existences.

Life’s rules aren’t complicated, nor were they spirituality meant to be that way. Believe it or not, the Creator Alone has given all of his created “hue-man” beings (free) choices in following “the game of life’s ” rules as it was originally designed and structured, but “some wayward” souls choose to do their own “thang,” if you catch my drift.

When these errant thinkers and defiant enablers go intentionally outside the rules of God Alone’s good moral conduct and of not obeying only the Most High Alone, “the game” becomes truculent, tedious and the mutinous losing streak of negatives and unproductiveness has begun. Look at all of the personal mishaps and blunders that have occurred in “the games” that these deceivers play in their own twisted versions of play faking in “the real game of life.”

And, you order why heartache and miseries abound within the coliseums of some people’s unruly living arenas called families. Just look around you and tell me who are the losers and who are the winners when trust, love and respect vanishes before “the game” even begins.

Any player in “the game of life” should know that love never loved a liar in “the game of life,” even though it seems that those are stealthy rules that some losers play by. If, and when, that does occur, as it surely will and does, just watch the scoreboard of the opponent’s nonverbal mindset to see who’s really, really losing in “the game.”

I know some players, e.g., in the so-called love game, play tricks with other’s hearts, souls, and minds too but, believe me, they’ll never come out of “the game” victorious. No way! Can’t and never will happen because Karma won’t let it be.

The winners and the losers in life eventually know that there’s a universal pecking order in respecting how “the real game of life’s” played. It’s done with an extreme sense of urgency in being honest, upfront, straightforward and most importantly in being God Alone fearing souls. Truth wins. Be for real.

Please do not play those last statements cheaply and treat them as unspecified lip service to the wind because all of this phase of life’s games could end before our next heartbeats. Remember that being alive, or active, in any segment, inning, quarter, period, or arena of life is a gift from God Alone.

I sincerely believe that anyone’s  presence in the here and now is only predicated on and by the mercy of the Creator Alone being extended allowing you, me and any other players in this so-called game being here for one more solitary moment in time. I try never to forget that. Do you? Again, think.

A winner knows that to participate, observe or casually take part in any aspect of the communicational aspect of “the game of life” is a blessing from God Alone. Life is too, too precious to be playing silly mind games with one’s self when stupidity is the other team’s coach. The devil is always up to no good.

If for the sake of playing through that conceptual belief pattern with greater clarity for remembering only God Alone for today and always, then there must be a resounding tally to say who’s winning and not losing in “the game of life.” All victors give, without hesitation, all the praises and glory to the Most High Alone.

So, now I ask, “Are you merely a losing scorekeeper in the game of life, or are you a winner in the living process?” Think before you respond. I sense and believe that you’re a winner. Don’t play with this ever-so-fragile game called life. To God Alone do the victors praise, glorify and give homage to. I do. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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