For Just One More Second

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

It’s a quiet time now as I gather my wits about me to write what is happening in my heart and mind for another article. With each passing day I truly recognize how precious each distinct phase of this living process is.

I humbly have to give thanks to God Alone for allowing me to savor one moment in this rarified time zone called “the now” to witness another second. For that auspicious reality alone, I personally have to testify by saying “All Praises are due to the Creator Alone.”

As I sit in this chair that I’m presenting resting in and tying to gather words to go along with my now piercing thoughts, I find myself drawn to real spiritual thoughts of God Alone’s mercies and blessings. They are so multiple until I don’t know where to begin in thanking the Most High Alone enough for allowing me to be sitting in this space and time doing what I’m doing now. I have to give thanks.

Some thoughts have surfaced from within my thinking chamber alerting me that some “hue-mans” may not be where my head and mind are at. In many ways, that’ a shame because when one takes the fragility of life, even in its smallest doses, for granted, he, she, or they are in sad states of spiritual abyss. I hope that you’re not one of those abstract and careless mindless drifters who deny themselves the beauty of thanking and praising the Creator Alone for allowing you and them to be here “For Just On More Second.” You see, I choose to politely address you and others in this manner because a lot of global folk are clueless about the fact the living arena is nothing to play with.

I know that many ethnic souls in today’s techno seduced worlds of gadgets and gimmicks sometimes place the wrong emphasis on the purposes of life and can become easily lost in the here and now. When I mentioned the techno worlds, I don’t want you to think that I don’t value the importance and usefulness of educational technology in all of its many facets because I do.

No, “For Just One More Second” in time and space, I’d like to attempt to get you to see and realize, if you’re not already there, that there’s an urgency for all of us to check into our spiritual connections to the Creator Alone. That’s so very, very important because when we remember God Alone through prayer and repentance, we will see that our lives will change for the better.

If, as a reader today, you may not profess my particular personal religious tradition or spiritual path, it’s okay. Again, if that’s the case then, that’s cool, and with no disrespect intended, I still want you to connect to the absolute source of your total creation, just like mine is, and that is to remember to give honor and glory to God Alone and no one else. You should know that, no matter what your ethnicity, age or gender is, you are not guaranteed the next moment in time and space. That is a rather spiritually sobering wake up truism, and that shouldn’t be hard for you, or any other clear spiritual thinking soul, to decipher because knowing Who is the One (Alone) Who Alone has given you and them the breath and life is crucial.

That’s what I’m “vibing” on as I type now because with all of the crime, hatred, bitterness and chaos that’s  going on around us all the time, we need to seriously stop “For Just One More Second “ in this present time and space, while we have the time, to thank honor, praise and thank God Alone, thus far, for our health, family, fiends, acquaintances, and for whoever or whatever else we value in this phase of the living process. Sometimes, I think many of us in today’s modernistic global world have forgotten that, or some may have tried sugarcoating the process with cliches of fake spiritual nuances. It happens in all faith traditions, even mine, just as it does even with other created folk who say they don’t believe in God or anything. What do you believe in?

To each his/her own beliefs, but life is not an invented reality of “hue-mankind.” Remember, everything in the living process, past, present and future belongs to and is controlled by the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. Time waits for no one. There’s so much division in so-called God loving ethnic folk in this country and the rest of the world until I’m charged to say that something must be wrong somewhere. “For Just One More Second,” for today, I (must) raise that resolute observation if I’m to understand, along with you and others, how do we individually and collectively heal this spirituality sick country of ours.

I sense that time is even running out on some of the tricky politicians because all that some of them seem to do is talk and filler buster at every nook and cranny. It’s no wonder that things are the way that they are in so many delusional states of disarray locally, national and internationally and it’s because so many political leaders and representatives don’t have a spiritual clue as to what’s really happening to the folk around them. Do you agree?

It seems as though no one is really listening to what the common folk are saying, and if they are, many of those who are in political positions don’t know what to do to resolve the pressing issues of today for the suffering and bewildered masses. And you wonder why society is the way that it is as the poor get poorer and the rich get, well, you know the punch line to complete this sentence. Think! Our confused and divided nation is in a spiritual and political quagmire of sort if you only take a closer look at our problems while leaving your political affiliations, or lack thereof, aside. Some of “The American People,” whoever they are, e.g., still harbor deep “his-storical” divisive ethnic supremacy ideas of political, religious and social bigotries towards others that exists to this very moment.

I hate having to say that but, in many invisible norms, our nation is still visibly  divided by skin color and religion, almost like a plantation caste system, if you will. Ask any (honest) ethnic soul of color in this country to see if what I’m thinking, or offering, is not on point. Again, time waits for no one!

We’ve got a lot of work to do to make the U.S.A. inwardly better, and we must start by eliminating the causes of why so many folks hate one another because of ethnicity, religion, creed or skin color. American ignorant bigotry, disguised as “pseudo-patriotism,” rears its political head time after time with no seasonal breaks in between. Who are the current slaves? And also who are the modern day masters? Think before you answer. We should be spiritually proclaiming that “enough is enough.” If we claim to be utopian Americans, with respect to all other ethnicities, religions and genders in the land of the free and the home of the brave, then, “For Just One More Second,” let’s remember that “freedom, justice and equality” are privileges that should (and must be) extended to all, with no exceptions. We must make the realities of those expressed, desirous declarations sacred and real. Hmm.

Respectfully, “For Just One More Second,” right now, please give that some serious spiritually contemplation for active and practical implementations. You and I, along with other well meaning souls, can (and must) make a difference. America is waiting for your participation. For  today, that’s, “As I See It.”




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