Walter Brown’s New Album Perfect for the Summer

Walter Brown

Walter Brown creates the perfect soundtrack for your summer with his new album—Saturdaze. The LP produced by the Free Thinkers Union music group drops June 24.

Brown’s artistry has been inspired and empowered by what this Mt. Pleasant, SC native calls “rock bottom.” He dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, and later served a five year prison sentence—a story he shared on his debut album, Concrete Rose. Fans may remember the dark sounds of Brown’s debut album, Concrete Rose. Saturdaze is not the same.

Saturdaze, is a story of triumph, good vibe, positivity, and appreciation to his fan base. What started off as a mixtape, is now a fifteen track hip hop album that coexists with R & B, Dance Hall, Trap, and Techno music.

Together Brown and FTU will introduce a new vibrant sound to the indie music scene. “I wanted this album to showcase my creative abilities,” Brown said. “At the same time, I’ve used this as way to pay homage to Charleston, and its deep heritage.”

To accompany the album, Brown, with the help of Your World on Film, will release a short documentary entitled Days B4 Saturdaze, in which fans get to witness the production of his sophomore album behind the scenes. Director Trenise Elmore also captures footage of Brown’s private listening party held earlier this month and hosted by Do Work Media. “Shine” and “Saturdaze” are predicted faves.

‘Saturdaze’ album cover

The track list includes:

1.      New Charleston

2.      #Blessed

3.      Shine

4.      Always Working (Interlude)

5.      Too Much To Ask

6.      Gang Gang

7.      Too Cold

8.      Geechee Talk (Interlude)

9.      2Rad

10.   Playing no Games

11.    I’m Done (Interlude)

12.   Don’t

13.   Take

14.   You Got It

15.   Granny Talk (Interlude)

16.   Saturdaze

To hear more music from Walter Brown, visit: or Spotify—Walter Brown.

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