Kun Mukhlisan

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I come in contact with many different ethnicities on a daily basis in my worlds of existences. Living in the multi-ethnic salad bowl called today’s United States of America truly is a melting pot if there ever was one.

I’ve learned much from these continuous and occasional episodic real life experiences, so much so, that I can’t help but tell you that, as a continual spiritual student of knowledge, God Alone has blessed me by savoring (learning from) every new experience.  Intellectual enlightenment in my view is the key to living harmoniously and, hopefully, advancing the utopian cause of global peace among “hue-manity” with respect and love for all.

I cherish all of these illuminating lessons in communication with and  among “hue-mans” of all nationalities, religions and hues because they help me grow through reverent understanding and erudition that the world of God Alone’s creation has so many positives and possibilities until it’s not funny. Life is truly the landscaped university of knowledge where wisdom is fostered. We learn from each other.

That brings me to an experience I had the other day with another ethnic soul of creation, who was of a different faith tradition than mine, and who also was curious why I said to some folk “Kun Mukhlisan” when left one another’s company. He really wanted my breakdown on this phrase and its usage.

First, I told him, as a believing Muslim, and like him, even though our are professed traditions maybe different, I owe everything that I have and am to the blessings and mercies of God. I related that I only worship, praise and honor only God Alone, the absolute sovereignty of existence and creation, including life and death.

He said he knew that, but in his observing me over the years, he’d come to witness that I always ended up telling certain souls that phrase. I knew this fellow soul of “hue-manity” was sincere, so I began my explanation of why I said that phrase.

“Kun Mukhlisan” is an Arabic term that literally means to keep or maintain one’s faith in the Creator Alone and no other. It is a galvanizing position for me to take and express to others whenever we depart because I believe that, as we leave each other, we should always know “the devil is a busy fellow” as my late Christian mother would always say.

Secondly, I explained this to the inquiring soul, and I continued on by saying that faith in God Alone, and not “hue-mans,” is what I deeply and personally adhere to because God Alone is greater than everyone and everything in creation. “Who creates life and who creates death?” is what I boldly asked this soul to think about without personal  insult intended.

I know that in today’s technological world, maintaining one’s faith in the true Most High Alone is an extreme spiritual challenge because the devils of negativities are constantly working to destroy anyone’s faith and knowledge that God Alone is in control of everything and not mere “hue-mans” of a certain political ilk. Ask yourself, “Who was it that  woke you this morning and are you guaranteed to see tomorrow?” Hmm! Please think about that if you dare.

Now, back to the issue at hand. Whenever I say “Kun Mukhlisan” to myself, or I’m reminding others of same, I’m only uttering a prayerful thought that echoes deep from within me knowing that my faith (and theirs) is always under attack by the head devil of negativity. So, I say to myself and to others who believe in God Alone, that we must always keep our collective adamant positions in being steadfast believers in the undisputed Oneness of God Alone’s uniqueness consciously active and vibrantly alert.

To be a cognizant spiritual being who understands this is to be a quick-witted believer who’s strong and courageous. I’m not afraid to say that I’m a discerning Muslim because I believe in only God Alone and no other.  I know firmly that all of the Creator Alone’s true prophets, messengers, teachers and wise sages taught only that true divine wisdom because without God Alone there would be no existence. May God Alone’s peace and blessings be upon them all.

Thirdly, the phrase “Kun Mukhlisan” is a spiritual admonition that has helped me in trying times whenever I’ve had to, or have to, deal with adversities. I’m being straightforward when I say that, by saying this phrase, it has psychologically resuscitated and spiritually rejuvenated me, even in some of my most desolated moments of thoughts.

I believe in and know that if I “maintain” my faith, God Alone will aid me in all of my struggles, a spiritual reference I strongly adhere to this very day.

If I, or you, know that life in this phase of living is as fragile as the next second, which it is, then why do we, and others, play whimsical games with our realities by not understanding that God Alone is the source of everything desired or hoped for. I believe that, hence, I say proudly, ashamedly, and wholeheartedly to one and all, “Kun Mukhlisan” because that’s what I mean and offer to all those who’ll receive this reminder of sincerity from me which is from the bottom of my heart and soul.

As I previously mentioned, even though I’m a Muslim, my mother’s faith tradition was different than mine, but she would state something Biblical (from Joshua) to my father when times were are little arduous for them at times. She would tell my dad, “Be strong and be of good courage; don’t be afraid, neither be dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go.”

In her own way, my mom was advancing the legacy of “Kun Mukhlisan” through her faithful posture in believing that if you’re strong of faith in God’s will, everything’s going to work itself out. That’s where I was when I told the inquiring soul about why I said and say “Kun Mukhlisan” to believers.

And finally, he said he understood what I meant, especially what my mother was indicating to my father. No matter how you may get it, or from whom, I hope that you understand  why I say emphatically “Kun Mukhlisan.”

It’s meant to be offered to you with respect to whatever you believe in, as long as you know that God Alone is the source of everything.

To God Alone be the glory, so to the solitary source of life, I say lovingly, “Kun Mukhlisan.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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