Making Dreams Become Realities

By Hakim Abdul-Ali     

My thoughts today are short, sweet and to the point. It seems that life always teaches me so much, even from the slightest instance or occurrence.

Last Sunday, I had to stop by a drug store to pick up some items and as I proceeded to the checkout counter my mind apparently was in some distant place else. You probably know that feeling, so I guess you could say that I may have been day dreaming.

When I got to the counter and I paid for my purchase, the cashier, who I had seen once before when I was in the store on another occasion, asked of me if I was the person from the newspaper that she got from her church. I acknowledged that I was who she thought I was.

Then she said, after apparently having noticed me seemingly lost in my thoughts while I was standing in line, that I must have been thinking about something intensely or day dreaming. Of course, I must have been or was in deep contemplation about some things that were crossing into my personal thinking airwaves.

The cashier then out of nowhere said to me, “Sir, Dreams works when team  work.” That hit me like a bag of rocks and brought back to another level of thinking consciousness.

It was truth to the max, even though the phrase may not have been exactly applicable about what was going on in my mind at that time. The phrase was still meaningful and it made me think.

If you’ve been reading my spiritual way of addressing things, “As I See It,” over the years, you know that I was and am ready to climb another spiritual mountain of comprehension. That young cashier’s off-the-cuff bit of unknowing wisdom struck me in a reflective manner and I’d like to rap with you today about what’s going on now in my head concerning that process.

You and I, like so many other ethnically “colored” folk of “hue-manity” from every land, culture and religion have dreams of one kind or the other. Some dreams are of fleeting thoughts of fancy and others are held over lingering wishes of hope for this or that.

Being a thinking brother of color, I must admit that I dream deeply of the utopian unity among my brothers and sisters of peace throughout the universe being a circumscribing reality everywhere. In my spiritual head, heart and soul, all these ethnic folk from every nation on earth are likened to being on a classical peace team desiring the same objective which should be respect for all.

Every “hue-man” soul is created by God Alone for purposes of living in respectful peace and harmony with each other and nature. We all should always be reminded of that pristine reality, never falling short of the fact that death awaits us all .

All ethnic souls,  whether we want to realize it or not, are parts of the Creator Alone’s created team call “hue-manity.” I trust that I’m not too elusive in attempting to get you to comprehend  that. Just think of a stone, cold moment.

Listen, without everyone on any given team in life, whatever you call or labeled it, playing or participating in equal unity and doing his/her part, then there’s no dream that can ever be totally reached successfully. I believe in the concept of team work where there’s no I, me or mine, and it has taken me a long time to grasp that unquestioned dynamic formula of the living process.

In my head, there’s no way a group of any ethically “colored”folk, be they so-called or labeled White, Peach, Black, Yellow, Tan, Red, Beige, Brown or whatever can accomplish any true collective goal or real purpose in life unless they work together in unison in order to fulfill their desired aims or aspirations. That’s a respected basic code of life, and that’s not really complicated except to bigots, racists, supremacists and one-tracked minded beings.

Do you follow my drift in what I’m saying now? Please think before you give glib agreement to aimless replies you may need to go back and investigate. Again, think.

Is America only one ethnicity or hue? I don’t think so because this place we call home of the free and the land of the brave must be that for all. Remember, that the America of today is a melting pot of many distinct and diverse religions and cultures and growing more so with each advancing day.

With respect for all, this is “our” home where “freedom, justice and equality” as a motto shouldn’t not be lost on “The Real American People,” whoever and wherever they are. So  we must defeat in any format anything that constitutes bigotry, racism, supremacy and sheer ignorance that destroys our dreams of peace and love for all in this potentially great land of ours.

I trust that you understand this because all dreams, including yours and mine, of equality for all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, religion or color,  can reach fruition, if we’re all part of the team first approach. No matter where you’re at in your particular life’s station, you’re have to understand that you’re  to be part of a team process by God Alone’s design.

Your family unit or your employment arena maybe and are significant and subtle examples of the team concept just like the favorite sports team that you root and pull for, if you have one. Yes, even in those scenarios,”Dreams work when teams work together.”

On a personal level, that reality can be understood when we best remember and know that the Most High Alone put us here to get along in peace and harmony.  Life in this phase of reality is too, too short for hatreds to take preeminence in our hearts, minds and souls.      

And, maybe that why the cashier’s blurting out that timely and catchy phrase, “Dreams work when teams work together ” struck me the way it has causing me to think slightly outside my then present sphere. It hit home.

Even though I’m not a Christian, in my reflective thoughts, I offer my thoughts today to that cashier’s wisdom and also with regards to the life and words of the great Christian Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the consummate dreamer. Do you remember him and what he truly stood for?

Whatever your faith tradition is, or belief pattern may be, we all could learn a lot from this respected brother of color who gave his life believing that dreams of equality should be and are real, especially when they are applied to the concepts of love, unity and togetherness with respect for all.

We, who treasure being called Americans, be you prideful or doubtful, need to understand that  Dr. King’s visions and dreams of equality for all requires team work on everyone’s part in order to make us great, if that is a heartfelt reality on your part and not a mere political cliche. Enough said. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”



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