Thoughts for the Inquiring Mind

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 
Our country’s going through some hard times of late in many sectors of far too many neglected ethnic folks’ hearts, souls, minds and thoughts.

And it seems as though a lot of these folk from all cultures, from California to Maine, are showing blossoming signs of desperate angst and abject gloom.

That disturbs me deeply. You can hear it in their voices, if they dare speak, and you can see it in their eyes, providing they’ll remove their sunglasses of protests. It seems that so many of these forgotten so-called minority country folk live in political darkness until only the bookmakers in Vegas know the real suffers’ score count.

Is it weird to think that many of “The American People,” whoever they really, really are, are perpetually deaf, dumb and blind to the truth of “poly-tricks” going on right before their very noses. Hmm!

Did I really ask you to investigate that reality?

I’ve been watching this trend of non thinking for a while, and it seems that maybe we can’t connect to patriotic reasoning any more. I offer that in an unobtrusive tone because to some of “The American People” the good life is becoming a rusty, aimless roller coaster going nowhere fast.

I wish that some of “The American People” would let other Americans know that “freedom, justice and equality” are not monikers for the mentally dead, but are in actuality terms of endearment for the hopeful living.

Sometimes, I still wonder, as I wonder, when will “freedom” ever be available for people of color without having to march, beg, chant and sing for same?

It’s only a thought that’s been on my mind because I’m that type of thinker.

I’ve never understood where “justice” went and how much does one have to give to be “equal” to whom, and for what purpose in the long scheme of democratic things?

When does freedom and justice for all become more than lyrics for the Fourth of July celebrations? You may ask, “Does it really matter?”

Do Black Lives Matter in the first place without the slogan, and what are Afro-Americans to do in this land of fake news when “freedom, justice and equality” become tools of fake promises like miseducation became unraveled as being disguised as fake education? Again, hmm!

As you ponder that, can you tell me why are “separate and unequaled” synonymous to Black folk’s continual struggle for “freedom, justice and equality” in this country, or is it only a civil rights cliche for the terminally downtrodden?

You say you don’t know. I probably can figure out why because in so many disillusioned thoughts there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, especially if you’re of color. Like I said before, the truth is the light, and that “ain’t” fake news.

Bigotry is not fake news if it’s as real as a Confederate statue being physically removed, but the realness of its nature is still hidden within the country’s power silent elite. What is patriotism if it’s another disguise for ethnic supremacy?

Define racism if you dare and stop using the n word polemics is a metaphor to mean what you really say and think in the private company of an alcoholic drink.

Even stupidly can’t hide for long in theaters of denials and falsehoods.

The oppressed religious and ethnic folk are saying something, but are we listening?  The world has become a nightmare for the impoverished and a haven for the privileged, whoever and wherever they are. Hmm, one more time.

Why does injustices reign supreme in the hearts of the disenfranchised and the wealthy are only concerned about the state of morning Dow Jones reports?

The truth says more when you open your minds to what others are going through as you pass the homeless veterans who gave so much of themselves for you to be safe and protected, but they, oftentimes, are neglected.

Why are so many wanton killings and murders now frighteningly appearing at anyone’s doorsteps without an invite? Do you read the news, or is it fake?

Most abstract thinking Americans and unaware others in world play an invisible mental game called “Who’s Next?” Are you a fantasy player in this game, or do you have your eyes and ears tuned to how much fake news has made it into cellphone or laptop without the antivirus picking it up?

What is really going on in the world and why do we awake everyday to some bizarre happenings in our country or in some other not so remote part of the earth with shock and awe? It’s enough to make you go bonkers if you weren’t a spiritual soul.

Well, I am, and I thank the Most High Alone for that understanding and wisdom, even with saying that, it still has me in the here and now with a feeling of respect for the unknown and the uncertainty of things that are going on around me. God Alone is in control so don’t lose faith.

Do you catch my drift or possibly know where I’m headed? Brave souls know that the truth is the light and cowards hide within the shadows of insecurities and doubts.

I’ve got to talk about being brave and strong in the face of tests from God Alone, and, Lord knows, they are everywhere. You have them and so does your neighbor. We’ve all got issues of some kind or the other, including yours truly.

So don’t pretend to deny those truths by putting on a false front that will only, somehow, exclude you from being exposed in the light of reality. We’ve got to work together to eradicate the ills that are destroying us from within.

Think about that if you dare and don’t be afraid, while you have time, to examine you before you begin to tell others what’s wrong with them.

I always say to thine own self one should be true. For today, that’s, “As I See It.”

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