Charleston Hanging Tree

Damon L. Fordham teaches African American history at various colleges in the Charleston area. The above story is referenced in his book “True Stories of Black South Carolina,” and he may be reached at for speaking engagements.

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  1. Christine White on May 3, 2018 at 11:16 am

    Mr.Fordham , I just saw your piece on the hanging tree in Charleston S.C my name is CHRISTINE WHITE and I was born and raise in a community by the name of Union Heights and I could rember when I was a child my father took my sisters , and I to visit the tree and he told us the history about the tree and that story stayed in my mind until this present day may 3 2018 I’am married and I lived in the state of Virginia but my family and I visit often my Aunty and Uncle lived on fish burn street and from her house we could see that tree I have a lot information about the past that I hope to share with you on the HANGING TREE in CHRLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA my beloved home . Sincelary Christine Heyward White

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