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Every Day Is A Noteworthy Happening

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

There are many times in my secluded thoughts that I wonder about the intrinsic realities of the omnipresent here and ubiquitous now with extreme spiritual reflections. It seems as though that the living experience is always teaching me something about the awesome simplicities of life itself.

Take for instance when, during last week, I was thinking about something very personal that was perplexing to my spirits and I found myself getting a little angry. I was becoming a little bent out of shape in my own inner space of normally being at peace, and I had to stop in order to self-check myself because the day had become one of angst and uptightness.

In looking inwardly at what was (and had been) occurring to me in my informal way of scoping the then activities of my so-called hectic day’s activities, I needed to take a pause for the cause. By stepping back, or away, from what was on my cerebral plate, I soon came patiently back to the reality that God Alone was testing me to the max once again.

Do you know where I’m coming from? I hope that you do because life is about understanding that each moment in time is a constant testing episode. I had to remind myself that I was letting something peeve me unnecessarily, and I needed to remember that “everything happens for a reason.”

I soon began listening to the winds of patience ringing in head which were telling my subconscious to chill out, leading me in realizing how judicious my day really, really was. It was a sign from the Most High Alone, and it also made me think about what I had to be thankful for because like I said previously, “everything happens for a reason,” and, at times, even the most patient and wisest among us all can’t fully comprehend its total purpose.

You see, in my particular scenario, that little, isolated perplexing test from the Creator Alone last week was initially hard to digest at first because I forgot that patience in dealing with everything (and everyone) is a virtue. I’m sure that you’ve heard that before, and, if not then it would be wise to never forget it.

Life’s trials, tests and ordeals are placed before us all, in some shape, manner or form, because that’s the way God Alone planned it to be. I’ve come to learn, know, respect and to never question what the Most High Alone has allowed to be placed on my mental plate just as feel you should also in looking at what is placed on yours. God Alone is the best planner in all affairs.

I sense that when you do decipher that then “Every Day is a Noteworthy Happening.” It’s that way in my soul’s comprehension because I’m very aware that the Most High Alone is very, very best knower in and under all circumstances. Do you agree?

“Life is what it is” and the happenings of life are as real as real can be and get with nothing left out or in between. Some of us “hue-mans” forget that each diurnal moment in life has a lasting purpose to its presented realm(s).

With so many unannounced things and unimagined happenings going on in today’s chaotic and troublesome world, many “hue-mans” forget that everything are known to the Most High Alone. I try to always remember that because I’m a spiritual work in progress.

I believe that we’re all as created beings distinctive and are made so, in our definitively uniquely created ways, by the Creator Alone. To know that is to know that we didn’t get here by mere chance or happenstance.

I think that some of “hue-manity’s” lost and abstract-minded beings may forget that each moment is another opportunity to show the God Alone how much they should love one another and be appreciative to be here in this particular notable moment. I do, and because I recognize that reality, I’m forever lost in the solo love affair with and of God Alone.

That special realm that I spoke of previously is a lofty area to dwell in as we go about our daily experiences in our own worlds of existences. Honestly speaking, some days are very hectic and some others are less stressful than others for us all, but you probably know that already. I know I do.

Again, in my view, “life is what it is,” and I know from a spiritual looking direction, I can’t escape the trials, ordeals and tribulations of life, no matter whatever their shades of inflections and contrasts of dispositions may be. That’s a vital point to also remember as we sometimes travel the mental back woods of loneliness and fulfillment in our minds.

No matter the arena travelled, it’s wise to never get too high or too low in handling life’s episodic experiences. I suggest that you stay the middle course and be level headed with patient perseverance because life is an up and down merry-go-round road, but please never forget Who (alone) is in control of this world.

With knowledge like that on board one’s permanent mind ship, it should be easy to sense why “Every Day is a Noteworthy Happening.” Life is the force field of existence that God Alone has extended to us, and each day is a superlative reason to give thanks.

As I think profoundly on this topic of existence, I have to acknowledge that the Most High Alone is the only one who I must, can and should praise and thank for this truly very significant day. It’s an important source of eternal recognition that’s presently exuding from my collective heart, mind and soul as I conclude my thoughts for now.
For today and always, that’s “As I See It.”

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