Mother’s Day: Reflections of a Daughter

Lucille Marie Williams Gadson

By Beverly Gadson-Birch 

Mother’s Day is a special time set aside to recognize mothers nationally. And, if your mother has passed away, it’s a time of reflection.

There is barely a day that goes by that I don’t think about my mother. Sometimes, it’s just the little things that pop up during the day that set your mind in motion.

Personally, I was never a one day daughter. My mother was my world and we spent quite a bit of time together, but there is just something special about a national day of recognition for mothers. Mother’s Day is a time for me to reflect not only on my mother, grandmother and all my adoptive moms that have passed on but ladies that have been like a mother to me.

I often think about my grandmother and summers spent with her on the farm. I thought about the outhouse and the watermelon fields. I can still smell the aroma of the homecooked biscuits and cornbread baked on a cast iron wood stove. And, even more memorable were the days spent worshipping at the little old potbellied wood stove family church. Even when I was out of my mother’s reach, my grandmother was there. She made sure I went to Sunday School and church. That was non-negotiable. I am reminded of one of granny’s favorite songs she used to sing in church-“Jesus Will Fix It For You.” (Pronounced- Jeesaws).

Granny couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, and neither can I, but that did not stop her from being a one woman choir and it’s never stopped me either. She would always start a song sitting down. Then she would stand up and make her way to the front of the church and by that time everyone was standing on their feet joining in the song. Despite all of granny’s ups and downs, I admire her for being such a bold witness. I never heard her complain of what she didn’t have. She always appreciated what she had. I got my “can’t carry a tune in a bucket from her”.

I know my limitations and singing is one of them. Mothers play such an important role in a child’s development. A mother’s work is never done. Child rearing is no easy feat by no stretch of the imagination. Mothers have been instrumental in shaping the lives of some of the greatest architects, astronauts, physicians, mayors, presidents, preachers, teachers, artists, movers and shakers, etc., of this nation.

My mom had 10 children. She was in her forties when she found out she was having twins. And, boy did she boo hoo cry, but they turned out to be the joy of her life. Being such a late bloomer with the twins, Mother would pray the same prayer over and over that the Lord would let her live to see the twins finish kindergarten and then it was high school.

After the twins graduated from high school, then her prayer went to “Lord, let me live to see the twins get married”, following the twins getting married the prayer changed to seeing her grandchildren grow up and then great grandchildren. Being the cut up that I was, I ribbed mom about her prayers. I said, “mom, you are running out of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Lord has graciously extended your time and if He kept on extending your time, you would be here until Jesus comes and just be caught up in the air”. We would laugh lovingly about her prayers but the truth of the matter is mom’s prayers were answered. Y’all better watch out if you have a praying mother. If y’all don’t know what prayer can do, y’all better ask somebody.

The strange thing about life is if you live long enough you get to see so much of your parents’ qualities in yourself. The older I get the more I act like my mom. Now, I find myself repeating the same prayers as she did. My son is grown; I pray constantly for him. And now, like my mom, I am working on my four-year-old grandson. Like my mom, my daughter-in-law was a late bloomer. Y’all who know me know that I am almost as old as water, so y’all do the math! If God grants my petition to see my grandson graduate from high school, that’s not just “prayer answering” but a miracle. And, let’s not even think about my grandson graduating from college. I, like mom, might as well wait around and be “caught up in the air”.
What I miss most about mom not being here are the family dinners. She was the glue that kept the family together. All ten of her children would show up for dinner with their children and she would be beaming with joy like she was “queen for the day”. That’s why we celebrate moms. We celebrate the queens that they are. We celebrate their many sacrifices. We celebrate their joys and their tears.

For every mother who may not feel loved and appreciated, you are. Remember this! You don’t have to be a mother to mother children. Keep on doing what you do best and your rewards will be many.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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