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Let Your Thoughts Fly You Higher

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

The living experience in this phase of existence is a wonderful vestige to be a part of and to savor. Being that “hue-man” life is so temporary, I believe that each moment above ground in the here and now is a spiritual premium.

I meet many different ethnic “colored” souls during my daily sojourns from here to there and back and, as such, I’ve gained much insight into how we “hue-man’s” think, interact and are motivated. After all, life’s interactions with one another, in many instances, serves as powerful schooling metaphors.

While on that stream of thought, I was thinking about a casual meeting I had the other day with an old acquaintance, who I literally hadn’t seen in about eight years. It was good to see this genuinely good guy because we had always shown mutual respect toward and for one another, even though we were of different faiths and ethnicities. This gentleman, a Euro-American and a Christian, asked me if I, a Muslim, was still writing, to which I said I was. He said openly that he hadn’t read any of my articles in ions (sic), and that he really enjoyed the fact that my articles always uplifted him whenever he did read them in the past.

After a few more pleasantries, he said he needed some (present) verbal uplift from me, just like some of my former “As I See It” nuggets that he had read in my old articles. He said he was at a dark place in his life, feeling a little low, and he knew, or felt, that I, maybe, had something in my mental reservoir that I could share with him to help him feel a little better.

Very candidly, he uttered that he was going through some very deep, personal and emotional traumas, and that things weren’t, and didn’t, seem to be going his way. That expression of honesty from him probably mirrors many of this country’s silent majority ethnic folk’s unsettled mindsets. As I listened to this gentleman, I couldn’t help but admit that I, too, was, and had been, going through periods of trials in my own worlds of existences. I guess you would be correct by saying and asking anyone point blank, including yourself, “Who hasn’t?”

When that penetrating reality hit me, I said to the gentleman “Let Your Thoughts Fly You Higher.” Startled by this utterance that seemed like it came from out of nowhere, the gentleman asked me what did I mean by saying that.

Gathering my composure, as best as I could, I told him that “one’s thoughts are synonymous to one’s desired actions, so one must always keep his or her thoughts flying higher and higher, above cynicisms, in order to achieve whatever it is that one, hopefully, desires to bring forth in a positive result.” Simply put, “so as a soul thinketh, so is he or she.” For some reason or the other, I sensed that my off-the-cuff exclamation hit an apparent strong accord within the gentleman’s troubling psyche and now wandering thoughts. He also offered that his difficulties of late were getting the best of him and were zapping all of his once prayerful spirits and visible abundant energies.

I’m sure that many ethnic”hue-mans” feel that way, but we should never forget that “life is what it is,” and it will forever be full of pitfalls called disappointments and difficulties. If you’re breathing and reading this, you probably know of what I’m
speaking of.

That reminds me of something I learned a long time ago from my mother, and I shared said advice with the gentleman. And that was that Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “Difficulties exist to be surmounted.” Life is certainly full with difficulties galore in some form or the other, and I knowingly have always held on to Mr. Emerson’s wise counsel. Somehow, that’s something that I’ve never forgotten because my life (and I feel confident that everyone else’s for that matter) attests to that pristine and undeniable reality. Life is a battlefield.

Listen, and I mean this from the very depth of my soul; if you let life’s trials, test and uncertainties “ground” you, it obviously will certainly keep you stuck on “woe is me,” where you hopelessly mentally and physically may be at, which usually is and can be in a depressing rut. No one can fly high if he or she is stuck on the grounds of inner negativities and self-doubts.

Many ethnic colored souls of this nation and beyond are like that in so many norms of thinking and acting until they will never be able to get the opulence of the other potholes of despair and complacencies because their thoughts have disabled them. To be able to surmount one’s difficulties in life, one has to fly higher, which requires self-effort and active faithful resolves in the Most High Alone to move forward and upward, in spite of the difficulties that are before you.

I believe that wholeheartedly, and I said as much to the gentleman hoping that knew he was not alone in the battle of dealing with life’s tests, trials, and ordeals, etc. Sometimes, we have to be like the birds that fly higher and higher with wings of faith. We must learn to soar above the clouds of uncertainties. I hope that doesn’t sound too strange for you, but no matter whether it’s flying into the tempestuous skies of life’s problems or riding the stormy waves of diurnal difficulties, the living experience never has been easy, and it never will. All of life’s obstacles and challenges are there for a divinely purposeful placement and that’s to test us by the God Alone’s permission to make us better in the long scheme of things.

I related that to my gentleman friend, who now was beginning to tear as I spoke. His tears only let me know that the Creator Alone was taking his thoughts and soul spiritually higher and higher with a different type of flight. If you haven’t been there before then you don’t know what God Alone can do to a submitting soul. The Creator Alone moves in very mysterious ways, oftentimes we can’t immediately comprehend why and how those moves are taking shape.

Think about that statement closely from your own spiritual flights of elevation as you “Let Your Thoughts Fly Your Higher,” hopefully, never forgetting, again, that “thoughts are (indeed) synonymous to actions.” Hmm.

I’ll leave you today with something that I left with the gentleman for his daily thought processing assembly line. It’s an old English proverb that states “a smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” Kinda deep, isn’t it? Let your thoughts take you higher with that provocative motto, and for today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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