Tender is “This” Reality

By Hakim-Abdul-Ali     

If you’re reading this article, you’re obviously in the here and now. To this singular experience there’s not too much more you can say to that except but to thank God Alone for being able to experience one more moment in time.
That’s a miraculous opportunity to say that you have a profound understanding knowing that God Alone is the most merciful in allowing you to be here at this austere occasion in the living process. I openly say that acknowledging that “all praises are due to the Most High Alone.”
Who else would you, or I, give recognition to for being here in this time and space, no matter what challenges are upon me. I’d like to think that you are in that same trend of thinking knowing that you’re only here but by the mercy of the Most High Alone.
That’s a very frequent mental flow and a compassionate point of reference that never leaves my spiritual consciousness. I’m forever reminded that “this tender reality” called living in the here and now is nothing to be taken for granted.
Some ethnically callus minded “colored” folk of the universe may take the wondrous living process for granted, but I surely don’t, and I trust that you don’t either. This incredible living experience is nothing to take for granted because you, or I, may not see the next second. 
Please take a stone, cold moment to digest and to think and reflect upon that “tender reality,” if you dare. Nothing is guaranteed to you, or the next soul, in this phase of life except death, so don’t think of this current second in time that’s extended to you as a mere cheap thrill in life’s dramatic sequences.
I can’t do that because I recognize that to be here in the here and now is a magnanimous gift from the Creator Alone of everyone and everything. 
I wholeheartedly know that to be absolutely true and that, if you do also, you’ll soon find out that the living process is more than just a subtle, aimless happening.
I hope that you realize that “this tender reality” called life in this phase of existence is an exacting voyage and a taxing journey. With all of that being said, a humbly spiritual believer in the Creator Alone knows that this phase of life’s total journey is a wonderful “benevolent reality” in which to experience one more moment in time.
Sanely, I offer that fully understanding that there are some ethnic naysayers who may think that I’m only saying this for a casual written comment or as a random cliché in verbosity. If you did, you’d be wrong because that’s not the case.
No, I said what I said because I’m very much in tuned to what I’m thinking and writing because the truth is that “Tender is ‘This’ Reality” I’m in is unrehearsed. For me, it’s a special arena to be a part of by God Alone’s permission, and I have to keep that on the front burners of all my focuses, to the best of my spiritual abilities. 
I’m not here to preach or dictate to you, but I assume that you know that living is a precious entity, and it’s also a fleeting episode, if you didn’t know that already. Please give that some fierce thought before you casually pass on to the next paragraph.
Listen! I don’t care what religious label, or lack thereof, that you identify with, life is the supreme force field of existence that you’re presently residing in. 
And this contemporary time and space that you’re floating around in and drifting about from here to there is no  “hue-man” whimsical invention of anyone’s imaginary “his-storical” mythological folklore. 
You are a generous creation of the Creator Alone and, as such, you’re spectacular in your original created uniqueness, and I pray that you understand what I’ve just said. Unfortunately, some disillusioned miseducated ethnic folk in “hue-manity” don’t know that they are beautiful and suffer from the hatred of self.
Knowing who you really, really are is a tool in being able to unlock the spiritual mysteries of living successfully in the “Tender is ‘This’ Reality” atmosphere of life. That uncertainty, sometimes, escapes so many “hue-mans” in the living process until it’s become a tragedy of epidemic proportions.
You may even have some dubious thoughts in your head and mind about who you really are, or aren’t, that will shape or may dictate your next actions in life for better or worse. Remember, “you are what you think.”
So, please don’t forget, too, that “life is what is,” and the challenges will forever remain to be positive when all around you appears to failing. When that occurs, you should know that you must “keep the faith” in the Most High Alone to deal with all of life’s present and unforeseen challenges. I do.
Never forget that the Creator Alone of everything and everyone allows you, and me, to be challenged and all of our  obstacles can be overcome with God Alone’s aid. That “tender reality” is such a sober reality to know that, if fully comprehended, it should help any created soul to come to grips with handling the known and the unknown realities of the living experience.
Understanding what the “Tender is ‘This’ Reality” vibe is about also helps everyone in “hue-manity” absorb with each breath that everyone in “hue-manity” takes, it realistically could be their last. Death awaits us all.
As a God Alone fearing and loving created being, I know that this “tender reality” is planted in my mental and spiritual gardens of understandings. I’m forever challenged to remind myself as, I’m now reminding you, that we must never forget that the living process is uniquely precious to all spiritually aware souls, who know that God Alone rules everything in creation, including life and death.
Again, that should be a stark, but ever-so-tender, reminder and a wake up call to anyone who is in the here and now. Don’t lose that realistic point as you escape to the next “tender” trend of thought that enters your peaceful mind.
Peace with God Alone and peace towards the other created “hue-man” beings is all that we should be about as we move about in the living experiences. 
There’s far too much ignorance, greed, jealousy, avarice, bitterness and hatred in today’s society not to understand that the reality of “hue-man” compatibility is wrought with upheavals and malice.
It’s becoming more and more of a depressing challenge to respectfully deal with each other on a day to day basis because of the fitnah (chaos) that exists in so many ethnic folks hearts, minds and souls. 
Is it a wonder that the tenderness of life’s fragility is lost to so many abstract minded folk of modernity.
I’ll leave you with that to contemplate  on as you, hopefully, reflect how “Tender is ‘This’ Reality” that you’re experiencing really is. Know that “God Alone is greater than everyone and everything.”
That “tender reality” is where it’s at, and no matter what your thoughts are, please never lose sight of the gift of life that you been given by God Alone to be here in the here and now. Relish this “tender reality” constantly, and I hope that you know, with every succeeding moment, how blessed that you are to be in the here and now. 
For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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