My Dad and the “Move to the Groove”

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

I’m sitting here seemingly looking aimlessly into space and, for some unfathomable reason, I’m presently thinking about my late father’s advice to me. I know this has to end soon because I’ve got stuff to do and truly it’s time to get busy.

In my worlds of emerging urgent tasks, I’ve got to gather my collective thinking energies and thoughts to deliver another article for this newspaper. Simply, it’s time to “TCB,” in more ways than one, and so I, literally, must now “Move to the Groove.”

That’s something all functioning ethnic “colored” folk of the universe always are challenged with in order to do the things in life that we all must and have to address. It’s a realm of “hue-man” activity that is as real as breathing air.

Some helpful folk in “hue-manity” do productive actions with their intentions, and some other cataclysmic minds are on a different ruinous bent in their thinking escalations. Life, unfortunately, is full of contradictions, including some disturbed souls doing very wicked things, just as it (life) is full of some tranquil loving beings everywhere trying to make the world a better place to reside in.

“Life is what it is,” a phrase I use often because it says much to an aware “groovy” soul of the universe. That calm sentiment will always be enduringly steadfast to a submissive spiritual soul of the universe who loves God Alone and also understands that the real secluded “movers” and shakers of the spiritual world aspire to peace, mutual love and respect for all, no matter what the other(s) believes or is from.

A real harmonious restful “mover to the groove” is not a procrastinator, in spite of life’s dubious up and unforeseeable down challenges.

That spiritual soul refuses to allow pessimistic thoughts of ephemeral depressions and momentary defeats to take hold in his or her mind-set for any considerable lengths of time.

No way! It simply can’t be because to allow prolonged contrariness to seep into a spiritual mover’s soul, in this phase of life’s taxing mental pathways, is to deny the pristine reality that “this too shall pass.” It’s a test for every soul to deal with in too many ways to count.

Listen to and think about your own life’s topsy-turvy prior ups and downs with the discernible lessons that you (should) have learned from them.

I now ask, “What is your subconscious mind really telling you about what you’ve experienced thus far from those roller coaster ‘grooves’ in life?”

As you think about that, “Moving to the Groove” means in my head “getting up, moving on, stop procrastinating and beginning the undertaking of the mission that’s ahead.” I’d like to think, or believe, that you understand this vibe, no matter who are or where your station is in life.

Everyone has to have positive energy or vibes in life to be able to do his or her own thing in order to finish whatever it is that he or she wishes to accomplish. Life itself is positive energy, and all of the world’s ethnic “colored” souls from every nation must be self-motivated in some manner to complete their desired goals in the living process.

That’s where I’m at right now as I’m pecking away on my iPad attempting to put this article together once again. As I do this, I’m stuck on this “Move to the Groove” theme that’s very much playing in my thinking airwaves and also as I think of memories of my father.

In being able to “Move to the Groove,” one must overcome many hindrances which may prey on one’s intended desires or wishes to do this or that thing in life. Some of the obstacles blocking moving forward can range from one’s indecision to one’s willingness to give in to self-defeat to one’s fear of rejection to, well, so much more.

You know the story all-too-well, as the living experience, being full of many unexpected pitfalls, can literally stop a potential wanna be “mover” and a doer in his or her tracts from achieving anything meaningful in life. And, if he or she is not careful because, as I always say and believe, “one’s thoughts are synonymous to actions.”

Remember that “you truly are what you think.” That’s the “groovy” key ingredient in making “Moving to the Groove” more than mere spoken symbolism in being able to get things done I life. Don’t forget that.

I clearly understand that now, even though the living experience is decked full of constant challenges, and you and I are only as good as our last “hit” record, if you pardon my usage of that pun. Do you still follow my lead?

I trust that you do because in doing whatever it is that we wish to do from this point forward, we must know that it requires that we be in a “groovy” mode of accomplishing our known and subliminal aspirations in life. Again, do you feel me, or am I being too vague in assuming that you know where I’m coming from? Hmm.

I think that you catch my drift because life is too, too short an experience in this phase of living to leave anything half done on the vanquished slates of some of our thwarted intentions. The great motivator Napoleon Hill once said, “No one is ever defeated until defeat has been excepted as a reality. ” Think closely about that.

If “thoughts are truly synonymous to actions,” then just think about that scenario, and, if you do, you’ll see that in many, many ways some of us are our own worst enemies. Again, remember what I always emphasize once again, and that is that “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” Never forget it.

A real go getter never, ever goes anywhere in his or her intended missions in life without being fully equipped and prepared with positive empowerment. Your envisioned thoughts of empowered prosperity are sewn and laden with success when you know that “so as a soul thinketh, so goes he or she.” It’s as real as that.

All affluent “Movers to the Groove” welcome every new arena, or situation, in life in order to successfully “TCB” in doing what they do. I personally believe and advocate that you have to be passionate about whatever it is that you do or become engaged in.

Along with enthusiasm, possessing passion in what you do will take you progressively further along on your journeys in accomplishing your goals and aims in life.

From business to employment to marriage to simply performing any given task, e.g., when there is passionate enthusiasm involved in any said activity and or relationship, it becomes decidedly better off.

Oh, by the way, in referencing my late father, who died in 1964, he would tell me that “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” He also said that life will present me with some unpleasant moments and tests (and they sure have), but never let them dictate the outcome of what I really want to achieve or desire in life.

My dad also said,”Get up, get busy and ‘Move to the Groove.’” He’s the one who taught me that catchy motto, and I do miss him very much, but when times are trying, I (still) think of his words of wisdom about “Move to the Groove.”

Maybe, you too, hopefully, can get a little something from the “My Dad and the ‘Move to the Groove'”reflections. For today and always, please be progressively passionate and positive about your tasks and goals in life, and that’s, “As I See It.”

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