In Troubled Times, Remember “TTSP”

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

This article is written for me, you and anyone else who has been through or is dealing with some problematic times in his or her life. I don’t believe anyone in “hue-magnify” can be excluded from this scenario.

My identifying this topic the way that I hope to do today is because a dear buddy of mine from has been going through some rough bumps in his life recently. He called me last week just to let off some”angst” about things that were bothering him for sometime, and he wanted to “just” rap to me about some of those unsettled issues that were on his mental plate.

As I listened ever so intently, I could tell that he was hurting in so many untold norms until all I could do was continue listening to him with patience until he completed his talk. Finally, he said that he was dealing with these points of concern for a longtime, and he wanted me to share some of my insightful “As I See It” verbal wisdom with him, possibly to help him see what relief he could get to help him possibly remedy his present troubled mind-set.

Well, after thanking him for the complement of thinking that my “As I See It” columns were truly indicative of being worthy of being classified as wisdom, I carefully thought about what he was saying. I, somehow, then went back in my own mind’s eye to remember something that my very own late mother had said to me when I was in stressful times (way back) when the world was seemingly against me and I was in despair about this or that dark arena in my life.

I’m sure you probably know the feeling because life does have a habit of repeating itself in so many instructional ways, even if we don’t recognize them immediately when they occur. So, when approaching my buddy’s request of me, I had to tell him, as best I could remember, something my mother told me from the thoughts of a woman named Helen Steiner Rice, an American inspirational religious poet.

What you are about to read is what I can remember what my mother, a renowned schoolteacher by profession and a lover of religious poetry, would always tell to bear in mind when difficult corridors surfaced in my life’s experiences, then and in the future. It had something to do with always keeping the faith in God and remembering the powerful spiritual message behind the code of “TTSP.”

The code “TTSP” stood for “this too shall pass,” a motto my mother lived by daily when difficulties arose in her life. I reminded my buddy of this and what my mom’s teaching to me about this code, and what Helen Steiner Rice said about “TTSP,” and it goes something like this.

“If I can endure for this moment whatever is happening to me, no matter how heavy my heart may is or how dark the moment may be 
 If I can remain calm and quiet with all the world crashing around me, secure in the knowledge that God (Alone) loves me when everyone else seems to doubt me
I can but trust on believing what I know in my heart is to be true, that “darkness” will fade with the morning and that this will away, too
Then nothing in life can defeat me. For as long as this knowledge remains, I can suffer whatever is happening because I know that God (Alone) will break all the chains that may be binding me tight in the darkness and trying to fill me with dread and fear.
For there is no night without dawning and I know that morning is near.”

That’s some robust and uplifting info, and I don’t know whether I exactly remembered Helen Steiner Rice’s epic poem, word for word, as was told to me by my mother, but I trust that you get the essence of what she was trying to tell me. I asked the same of my buddy because I also related to him that “the devil is a busy fellow,” an expression my mother would fervently utter in my ears.

She did this to let me know that Satan is an enemy to the true believers in the Most High Alone, and one of the devil’s main tricks is to sew doubts, via despair, fear or uncertainties, in the hearts of all “hue-man’s,” no matter what their ethnicities are or whatever their stations in life may be. Also, keep in mind that “you are what you think.”

I politely reminded my buddy that Satan is in God Alone’s world and not the other way around. Many ethnic “colored” folk forget that in not-so- subtle means of thinking and other ways of expressions, and I trust that you’re not one of them. Think!

Life is full of the unexpected predicables and the expected unpredictables, so much so I ask, “Who in his or her sane minds can say that the next moment is a given in this phase of living?” I remind myself of this each and every second of every moment. Do you?

The living experience is an absolute spiritual voyage from the now to the, well, unknown. Only the Creator Alone knows with assurance what the future holds in store for his creations. Not us.

I told my buddy that in order for him to keep focused, one must recognize that you can’t bring back the past, no matter how much grieves, so he or she must live in the now, knowing that the future is not a promissory given. Do you get it?

I’m praying that you and others in “hue-manity” do also because understanding the principles of “TTSP” could relieve some unnecessary burdens from your and their hearts, souls and minds. Remember that thoughts are synonymous to actions.

So, in disturbed, concerned, agitated, trying or uneasy moments in the living experiences, attempt to remember what my mom said to me from the words of Helen Steiner Rice. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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