VOLCANO WOMAN is a bonafide hit!

Drawn by Black teen illustrator Crystal Crossley Woke Comics’s highly anticipated new comic book “VOLCANO WOMAN” is doing break out business that many in the industry hadn’t expected.  Comics featuring Black super-heroes are rarely successful, especially when the lead is female. But even the most die-hard comic fans would be hard pressed to find a heroine more powerful than Nessa Tyler a.k.a. Volcano Woman. 

Published by video game creator Russell Wilson with the help of veteran screenwriter Debra Keeler, VOLCANO WOMAN is not only a Black Owned Comic Book, it is also the first comic book to feature a Gay black male superhero on a regular basis in the person of PIRU, the brother of Volcano Woman. Piru is described as a Scientist who doesn’t want his inventions used for evil. The comic also features a deaf character, Carolee, as the mother of Volcano Woman and Piru.

VOLCANO WOMAN is conceived, created and written by legendary Egyptian-Sudanese novelist and television writer Kola Boof, author of such hits as “The Sexy Part of the Bible” (Akashic Books) as well as a former writer for the daytime soap “Days of Our Lives.” It was Ms. Boof who brought the idea and story to the attention of Debra Keeler after lamenting the lack of black female superheroes represented in films like Batman Vs. Superman and The Avengers. The two women vowed to bring a black female superhero to the fore and Russell Wilson extended his expertise in making the project a reality. The book is designed by veteran comic book illustrator Jason Moser.

Book One of “Volcano Woman” (Origin) can be read online for free:  https://www.freecomicsonlinewoke.com.

Fans interested in the new superhero should follow Volcano Woman on Twitter for consistent updates (@volcanoWwoman) or visit the webpage at WOKE COMICS: http://wokecomicbooks.club.

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