Tina Knowles Lawson Joins Vanessa Bell Calloway’s HowDoYouRockYourAge.com

Tina Knowles Lawson posted a photo on Vanessa Bell Calloway’s HowDoYouRockYourAge.com website as part of a campaign to honor women. (Photo By: Tina Knowles, Courtesy of DSD Publicity)

Vanessa Bell Calloway’s This Is My Sexty campaign is part of the actresses 60th birthday (March 20) celebration and is a salute to Women’s History Month.

In support of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, actress Vanessa Bell Calloway officially launched HowDoYouRockYourAge.com and among the first women to answer the question with a post, Tina Knowles Lawson.

Turning age 60 on March 20th, Calloway decided to celebrate her sexy sixtieth birthday by providing women a platform to share photos and life-stories of achieving mental, physical and spiritual wellness.  The goal of the campaign is to inspire women to fight agism by rejecting all stereotypes and archaic notions of what it means for the female gender to grow older.  

“I want to celebrate aging! I refuse to lie, stay silent, feel embarrassed or ashamed because I’m a aging woman–especially in Hollywood,” writes Calloway on HowDoYouRockYourAge.com. “I will embrace and own being 60 because as I always say, If I don’t turn 60 I’ll never be a beautiful feisty 90 year old one day!” 

Calloway hopes women will learn to love their age along with “every wrinkle, bump and lump that comes with it,” which is a powerful statement from a woman working in an image driven industry.  She even offers her insights on life, a sort of Poor Richards Almanac filled with her proverbial sayings, in the “60 Things I Know For Sure” section of the HowDoYouRockYourAge.com website.        

Currently, Calloway stars in the hit series Saints & Sinners (Bounce) and recently joined the cast of the STARZ hit Survivor’s Remorse in a recurring role.  Married for 20 years to doctor Anthony Calloway, she is a mother of two daughters who are both alumni of Spelman College. All three Calloway women are members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

HowDoYouRockYourAge.com is live now and there is no-charge to upload images and stories.  However, you must condense your story down to 250 words or less.  Be sure to follow Calloway on social media Instagram: @VanessaBellCalloway / Twitter: @NessaBCalloway.

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