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“Dell’z Uptown”- An Exquisite Food Eatery

“Dell’z Uptown” at 511 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston, SC?29403. Photo: Hakim Abdul-Ali

Maudell Grayson, owner of “Dell’z Uptown” poses for a photo in her restaurant after her January 27, 2017 interview with The Chronicle. Photo: Hakim Abdul-Ali

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I love good healthy food. So it was a pleasure when I was made aware of a unique restaurant in the city that I should try. I had to try it out, and I was delighted.

The name of the restaurant is called “Dell’z Uptown,” and it is a totally rare and incomparable culinary jewel on the restaurant scene here in the Lowcountry. It’s a one of a kind food establishment.

Owned and operated by the charming and vivacious Maudell Grayson, the restaurant is more a cozy “down homey-type” delicatessen than your typical standard fare eatery. There’s a matchless vibe to “Dell’z Uptown,” one that’s now no longer an undisclosed secret.

Located at 511 Rutledge Avenue in the Westside section of the city, this customer-friendly Southern bistro is unique in its own various culinary dishes. Ms. Grayson, 52, who serves also as its chief chef, along with an assistant chef, and seven other staff members, keeps the doors open seven days a week on a demanding schedule.

Specializing in vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat menu offerings, “Dell’z Uptown” has been become a cozy hot spot to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal of your own choosing. The health conscious first food menu is prepared with a selective reference toward total nutritional well-being.

Upon entering the restaurant, something about its distinctive ambience hits you immediately as you enter the store. It has a distinct somewhat casual ’60s’ San Francisco flavor or even a cool lower Manhattan vibes to its artistically vintage décor.

“DELL’Z Uptown’s” menu includes serving varieties from “Starterz,” “Deli Wrapz,” “Bowlz,” “Wrapz” and “Pizzaz” among the assorted outstanding culinary selection delights at this eatery. It’s to be added that “Dell’z Uptown” has scintillating varieties of the very best savory salads and energy smoothies that you’ll ever want to taste.

I ordered a “Hummer 9” (black bean, roasted red pepper hummus, field greens, tomatoes, mango salsa, avocado, matchstick carrots, cucumbers and sprouts with house dressing and a drizzle of lime) and a super smoothie called Diesel (chocolate almond milk, peanut butter and chocolate plant protein). Needless to say, the meal and drink were marvelously appetizing.

Complete with the fragrant smell of plants everywhere, the distinctive “Dell’z Uptown” venue, in operation for more than four years at the current location on Rutledge Avenue, has become a favorite gathering spot to enjoy a superior and deliciously health conscious meal. Many of its regular and loyal clientele come from diverse backgrounds such as the city’s medical and municipal ranks, lawyers, the local neighborhood community, law enforcement and also from the restaurant’s ever-growing supportive college student base.

All of this isn’t hard to understand, nor decipher, as the owner, originally from Texas, with a long association with the Kansas City area, is a genuinely cordial, warm, friendly and experienced owner and host. I politely offer that she also has a beautiful, welcoming smile for one and all, and she feels challenged to please every customer’s discerning palate and taste buds with satisfying happiness.

No stranger to the food service business in the Charleston area, I found out that Ms. Grayson has been here in the Lowcountry doing her thing for more than ten years, including having a vegan deli on King and Cannon Streets for six years. This visionary entrepreneur also had a very successful juice business in the city for two years, and has plans to expand the “Dell’z enterprise to a future retail store conglomerate that’s in the initial planning stages.

Dinning at “Dell’z Uptown” is a joy to experience in so many ways. With an inner décor that features artistic wall coverings and another unique special section that includes a wall affixed with vintage album covers of some of the owner’s favorite artists, it makes you feel that you’re comfortably eating in an art gallery of sort.

Ms. Grayson’s “Dell’z Uptown” is a totally refreshing and quaint establishment that has made a delightful impact on the peninsula’s culinary scene. It has been voted one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the U.S. by Travel and Leisure. I highly recommend this spot to check out, no matter what your taste in food may be. You’ll enjoin the food and the vibes for a long time.

“Dell’z Uptown” is a must to visit if you want to have a delicious meal where the food and vibes are great. The restaurant is open on Mondays-Thursdays from 11AM-8PM, and on Fridays and Saturdays 11AM-9PM. Sunday hours are from 11AM-4PM. Call the restaurant at 843.641.0352 for more information.

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