Organizational Leadership Expert Gina Worthey Featured in Fast Company Magazine and Bizwomen Business Journal

Gina Worthey

Gina Worthey, Managing Director of Worthey Solutions International and honoree of a Resolution for Distinguished Service from the City of Wilmington, Delaware was recently consulted for her advice by Fast Company Magazine and Bizwomen Business Journal.

The Fast Company Magazine quoted Ms. Worthey, a leadership trainer, for the recent story “A Practical To-Do List That Will Finally Make Training Seminars Worth Your Time.” Ms. Worthey spoke about the value of researching the seminar instructors prior to attending and strategies for implementing information after training seminars.

Ms. Worthey stated, “If you have information about who your instructor will be, it’s a good idea to do a little homework.” She continued, “That can facilitate networking and provide good fodder for conversation during downtime [with the instructor].”

Ms. Worthey adds to the practical guide for getting the most from training seminars with the following points:

  • Present or preserve your learning. As a manager have your team members summarize training for the rest of the group after they return. The key is to follow up to both reinforce what you’ve learned and share it with the team.
  • Reach out to new contacts. Keep in touch with the people you talked to, and that includes your instructor if they are open to it. Connect on LinkedIn and share your progress after training. You may be able to learn from each other long after you’ve left the session.

Ms. Worthey was consulted for her marketing advice for women business owners who are exploring Instagram as an avenue for social marketing in the December edition of Bizwomen Business Journal. In the article, she explained the importance of making sensible matches between brand and influencer.

Ms. Worthey also adds the following point:

  • An audience won’t connect with a campaign lacking authenticity. When the right partnership and connections are made for related paid social marketing, then it becomes a win-win for both companies and Instagram followers.

Ms. Worthey has also been honored with a Resolution for Distinguished Service from the City of Wilmington, Delaware for her workforce development training program that impact the lives over 350 individuals and entrepreneurs.

“Through her leadership, professionalism, commitment and expertise, the impact Ms. Worthey has had in this community has been immeasurable and will contribute to the revitalization of the Eastside and benefit the residents, City of Wilmington and the State of Delaware,” stated Hanifa Shabazz, City Council President of the City of Wilmington, Delaware.

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