Atlanta based sneaker company,, generates buzz worldwide

The sneaker industry has gone thru many evolutions over the past 30 years. From the emergence of global brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas and Converse to high-end designer sneakers from Gucci, Armani and Polo, now the newest development in the sneaker business is the “custom sneaker” designed for organizations, schools, celebrities or anyone with aspirations of making their own sneaker brand., based in metro Atlanta, is the new trendsetter. Owned by entrepreneur Tarik Edmonson, has created a new platform for global entrepreneurs who seek to generate income. The first product launched by is a beautiful black canvas sneaker with red & green trim that’s an instant eye-catcher. The Red, Black & Green sneaker is quickly becoming a favorite in the USA, Caribbean and even the United Kingdom, with the high-top black leather sneaker version selling briskly.

The company has created a dual distribution pipeline by selling to wholesalers around the world and direct to consumers via the website. The wholesale program features a low-cost system for entrepreneurs to get involved in a fast growing business. The wholesale program offers 50 custom sneakers for $1,000. Each sneaker retails for $40USD, which allows the wholesaler to make a profit of $20USD per pair. “I’ve had calls and orders from all over; Malaysia, Brooklyn, Dallas, Florida, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, California. Plus, the website has received orders from Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, France, and Jamaica,” Tarik explains.

The potential for emerging niche markets to have their own custom sneaker is unlimited. Several organizations have made requests to create their own sneaker line. helps anyone who has the aspiration of being an entrepreneur. “We’re helping to empower organizations in the community with our sneakers, which in turn generates income and pride back to the community,” says CEO Tarik Edmonson.

Always on the cutting edge, has several new sneaker designs ready for 2017. To learn more about their line of products visit or connect on Facebook and Twitter.  


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