Dennis Bioh Envisions ‘Last Tear’ For African Immigrants In The US

Artist impression of the “Last Tear” by Giacomo Luigi Gaiotti of Italy

Dennis Bioh is President and CEO of the African Community Resource Center (ACRC), a US-based nonprofit organization that seeks to bring opportunities and provide community outreach to Africans primarily living in Virginia and the larger Washington D.C. metro area since its formation in 2012. ACRC has been working to encourage social, financial, and economic development through its educational programs. The intent of doing this has been to empower people with timely information. Recently the ACRC launched the ‘Last Tear’ project as a part of this vision.

According to Bioh, the ‘Last Tear’ is an architectural plan for a multifunctional center consisting of a reception services area, a conference room, bookshop, a bar and restaurant, and a theater auditorium. The building will also feature a gym with changing rooms, a games room, a library, and offices. Other features will include a 25-student classroom, an innovative technological lab, and a museum.

Dennis Bioh: the need to build the “Last Tear”

“We are calling it the ‘Last Tear’ because when completed, the architectural plan will consist a light, soft, tear drop-shaped, double skin enveloping the entire structure. The structure will be spread over three levels, characterized by soft flowing curves, transparencies, and lighting effects.”

Financing for the ‘Last Tear’ and other ACRC projects and activities are obtained through contributions from the CEO, individuals and organizations supporting this non-profit effort via its website. Fundraising is on-going and the nonprofit will break ground on a date to be announced soon.

The ‘Last Tear’ project when completed aims to reduce the difficulties and frustration associated with the exploration of a new vision for Africans in American communities.

Benefits of the project

‘Last Tear” will provide Africans, especially young and new immigrants, with a more inclusive feel of being in America by positively opening them up to challenges while providing a competitive ground on which to develop.

Africans, whether new or old to the U.S. undergoing cultural transition, fighting for black liberation and surviving American society will find the ‘Last Tear’ a haven where they can be themselves.

According to Bioh this will encourage them to “hopefully take the knowledge shared as part of the ACRC’s goal of improving social mobility, thereby reducing poverty to help create a middle class for themselves. This middle class will hopefully transcend America, spread into Africa, and eventually become a global trend.”

When asked Dennis what makes the ‘Last Tear’ project exceptional he responded “this project through the efforts of the ACRC will bring a new world of entertainment, history, entrepreneurship, and economic development to the state of Virginia and the changing world.”

What ACRC envisions for the ‘Last Tear’

“The project will metaphorically represent the last tear drop that the African community will have to shed to achieve the national ethos of America to increase their integration and cultural progress.”

Low-income families and African immigrants will gain access to resources available to build capacity for socio-economic development when the building is completed. This will be a part of the vision of ACRC to contribute to the creation of a middle class in Africa.

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