Charleston (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated Future Leaders Roundtable Urged to “Plan Tomorrow Before Tomorrow Comes”

Future Leaders endorse and sponsor the Life Over Violence Project Founded by future leader Nick Gilliard (pictured 5th above)

Representative David Mack (2nd from right)

(Left to Right) Dr. Millicent Brown, Joan Robinson-Berry (Boeing), Chair Marguerite Archie-Hudson

The Future Leaders Roundtable is a community engagement and empowerment project sponsored by the Charleston (SC) Chapter, The Links Incorporated. The Roundtable is organized and directed by the Chapter’s National Trends and Services Facet, Chairs Marguerite Archie-Hudson and Juanita F. Middleton.

In November Representative David Mack (D-109), S.C. House of Representatives, Dr. Millicent Brown, educator/activist and Joan Robinson-Berry, Vice President of Boeing South Carolina and a member of The Links addressed The Roundtable.

Throughout the fall the Future Leaders Roundtable has focused on voting rights, citizen participation in shaping future public policy and making the change “they” wish to see. In January an all-community “Love and Peace” celebration in honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King national holiday is planned.

The Links, Incorporated is a national and international not-for-profit women’s service organization founded in Philadelphia, PA on November 9, 1946. The Charleston, (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was chartered on March 29, 1951. Tamara C. Curry is president of the Charleston (SC) Chapter.

“Following the massacre of nine parishioners at Emanuel A.M.E. Church on June 17, 2015, a series of public conversations about race, justice and equal opportunity began among a broad contingent of community members and public leaders in the Charleston community. Absent from those dialogues were the youth of our city and region. With this recognition The Charleston (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated founded Charleston’s Future Leaders Roundtable as a forum for youth leaders to have their voices heard in the public on-going debates and engage with public policy-makers to discuss issues and policies that affect their lives and futures. The program is coordinated by the chapter’s National Trends and Services Facet (NTS) under the leadership of Links Marguerite Archie-Hudson and Juanita Middleton. NTS envisions preparing young citizens for future public and policy leadership.
In its first year the Future Leaders Roundtable developed policy recommendations for the Charleston County School Board designed to enhance curriculum and increase diversity throughout the district; they held meetings with the lauded ‘Illumination Project” and submitted two recommendations for new training protocols for police officers that have been adopted by the city of Charleston’s Police Department. The most recent project of The Roundtable is the Love Over Violence Epidemic (LOVE) Movement with the goal of designing a joint strategy (including car decals, t-shirts and training webinars) with community and police groups to build mutual trust and respect. Visit http:// for more information. 
On Saturday, November 12, Representative David Mack (D-109) S.C. House of Representatives, met with The Roundtable to debrief the recent national elections and their impact. Representative Mack advised the students to prepare themselves to be effective leaders in victory and/or defeat because they will experience both during their lifetimes. His essential recommendation for effective leadership is to “Plan tomorrow before tomorrow comes.”

Also addressing November’s Future Leaders Roundtable were Dr. Millicent Brown and Joan Robinson-Berry. Dr. Brown, educator and activist, exhorted students to use their power of analysis to pay attention to both their history and their present; to effectively decode the mixed messages they hear about students of color and their abilities. She encourages students to “Stop and reflect before you act.” Joan Robinson-Berry, Vice President of Boeing South Carolina and a member of The Links, urged the students to disconnect themselves from their obsession with cell phones and to recognize that the “Internet of Everything” now drives our future. It is imperative to understand the multiple ways in which new technological innovations will control all of our activities; and, the new skills that will be required to function effectively in this new environment.

The Charleston’s Future Leaders Roundtable is open to students in grades 9-12 in public and private schools in Charleston County who are interested in becoming engaged in issues of leadership and public policy. Interested students and groups or organizations wishing to recommend students may contact Dr. Marguerite Archie-Hudson at [email protected] 

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