TRUE Magazine Adds New Content Focus To Site By Showcasing Hip Hop Music & Culture Worldwide

TRUE Magazine ( is known for providing a platform that puts major artists and indie artists on the same level. TRUE Magazine has been promoting Hip Hop for 17 years and counting with top cover story’s with Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Game, Nas, 50 Cent, Trae The Truth, Big Sean, J Cole, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa to name a few, plus having over 1000+ indie artists grace its pages and site. Now entering into its 18th year, TRUE Magazine’s focus has been providing that same platform for US artists to other countries starting with London, Berlin, South Africa, Dominican Republic & Canada.

Marketing Guru of Viral Music Media & creator of TRUE Magazine David “DMH” Hill, says that “Hip Hop is not just an American form or entertainment. For years It has been a major part of sales, growth and culture with artists going overseas doing shows and festivals. Many Hip Hop sites today showcase only US artists and touch on international styles etc. Our Hip Hop platform will not only have daily musical content from overseas but will go deeper and point out the Jay-Z of London and South Africa that our readers would have never known.”

This process has already started on and will soon be implemented in their famous Digital issues. As you go through the site you will come across not only a new form of Hip Hop you never heard but a Hip Hop culture that you will want to experience.

SOURCE Viral Music Media

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