Award-Winning African-American Playwright David Lamb’s New Novel Wins Pacific Book Awards Prize as 2016’s Best Fiction

Award-winning Black playwright David Lamb has been awarded the Pacific Book Award Prize for 2016’s Best Fiction.

Lamb’s unique blend of laughs, romance, timely politics and vibrant African-American culture has enchanted audiences on-stage for years in his smash-hit play, Platanos Y Collard Greens.

Now Lamb unleashes his new novel On Top of the World (Until the Bell Chimes) a hilarious, romantic, modern African-American retelling of A Christmas Carol which has been greeted with acclaim and promises that readers won’t be able to put it down or stop talking about this funny, faith-filled, satire about race, class and celebrity worship that depicts Scrooge not as a crusty, aged English money-lender, but as a hyper-talented, self-centered, handsome, Black music star with 100 million albums sold and millions of social media followers.

And the love of his life, other than money, is, Belle, a beautiful take-no-prisoners lawyer whose flawless chocolate complexion causes traffic accidents as she stylishly zips through Manhattan.

It’s a fantastic story of love about two people who never imagined being music’s most powerful couple, except that’s what happened when Belle fell head over heels and gave Scroo?e, the Coke-bottle-glasses-wearing biggest nerd on her campus the ultimate makeover. With her love inspiring his confidence and turning him into a fashion impresario from Milan to New York— only to realize too late she’d created a chart topping monster with an unstoppable ego.

Now it’s been three years since they’ve spoken, but tonight at Hollywood’s biggest red carpet event, they’ll be given a second chance. With millions watching, will Scroo?e finally set aside his ego, jeopardize his image and declare his love for Belle, the one he betrayed and let get away. And most important of all—will Belle even give Scroo?e a chance?

Like the music stars he depicts in this prize-winning work, David Lamb grew up a poor boy in the big city who discovered that the pen really is mightier than the sword. Growing up in New York City public housing, David went on to attend graduate school at Princeton University and NYU School of Law. While working as a lawyer by day, at night David transformed into a writer and eventually wrote and produced, along with his lovely wife Jamillah, the hit off-Broadway play Platanos Y Collard Greens.

Now in On Top of the World David blends heart, faith, soul, bling and romance in a story, that is not only hilarious but spiritually uplifting, as well as politically right on time—with its satire of both Trump’s presidential campaign and the challenges of being an outspoken Black artist—in a story that will have readers laughing, thinking and enjoying themselves from the first page to the last, all year round.

You can pre-order copies of On Top Of The World from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And can follow David online at; on Twitter @authordavidlamb, as well as set up a Skype meeting with David and your book club.

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